IASAS: Coach’s Corner

ISKL Varsity – Daphne Ng

IMG_5947 (1)

Coaching for: 5 years 

Badminton Beginnings: “I played for the Malaysia national team and I really loved coaching so I applied to the International School of Kuala Lumpur and they accepted me.”

Why did you start coaching? “I played before and this is a very interesting, exciting, challenging, and fun game that you can enjoy with anyone no matter their gender, age, or nationality.”

Why Badminton? So many things that players can improve on, there’s always something new to learn.”

What makes a good Badminton player? “You have to be physically well built and you have to be strong mentally to be able to perform under pressure. You need the technical skill as well.”

SAS Varsity – Gordon Syr


Coaching for: 20 years

Badminton Beginnings: “Before coaching, I had only ever played recreationally.”

Why did you start coaching? At SAS, they had a coaching position and I wanted to get involved and loved it.”

Why Badminton? The speed and athleticism are things that people normally don’t associate with this sport but they are two main characteristics of Badminton. The venue is also nice and intimate. It’s fan-friendly and a good spectator sport.”

What makes a good Badminton player? Quick, fast reflexes, mentally strong.”

ISM Varsity – Roy Callanta



IMG_5946 (1)

Coaching for: 3 years

Badminton Beginnings: “I played on the varsity team in both high school and university and then on the national team of the Philippines.

Why did you start coaching? The speed and athleticism that you have to exhibit is something that makes Badminton a very demanding and unique sport.”

Why Badminton? “Badminton requires both discipline and heart.”

What makes a good Badminton player?  “You have a good all around physique, you can’t be strong in one area of your body and not in another. You need great strength in your upper body for hitting and lower body for running.”

JIS Varsity – Rony Amin




Coaching for: 4 years

Badminton Beginnings: “I began playing on the varsity team in grade 9 and then continued to play in university and recreationally after that.”

Why did you start coaching? I’m a math teacher at JIS and they had a position open. I enjoy being able to teach kids both inside and outside of the class.”

Why Badminton? Badminton is a very creative sport and it’s the fastest sport in the world. You have to be able to think and make decisions very quickly. Overall fitness is also very important in Badminton; you can’t just have one place of strength.”

What makes a good Badminton player? This is an individual sport so learning to problem solve on your own and being able to get through those challenges on the court by making creative solutions is very important. You’re not just following the same routine.”

TAS Varsity Girls – Ray Toby


Coaching for: 19 years

Badminton Beginnings: I played a little bit recreationally before I started coaching since the former coach used to invited faculty members to come in and play.”

Why did you start coaching? I originally coached volleyball but I have a daughter and after the old coach left, he told me it would be useful for me to get involved coaching the girl’s badminton team to understand how teenage girls work.”

Why Badminton? It’s similar to other sports like volleyball, but in this game the players are out on the court either by themselves or in pairs instead of in a team. Unlike other sports, we can’t coach during the game so it’s up to the players to figure out what’s going on and make adjustments on their own.”

What makes a good Badminton player? You have to be mentally tough because you’re out there by yourself. It’s also a very technical game so you have to develop lots of skills that will help you.”

ISB Varsity – Boonsueb


Coaching for: 21 years

Badminton Beginnings: I played in university and recreationally before coaching.”

Why did you start coaching? I began coaching in 1995 before we even had IASAS. We called it invitational badminton. I was working in the athletic office at that time and they were looking for a badminton coach so I took the job.”

Why Badminton? It’s a really fast sport and requires a lot of mental strength. Endurance and total strength also play a big part in the game.”

What makes a good Badminton player? Players have to have a lot of flexibility because you need lots of different ideas during matches since coaches cannot teach anything on the court.”


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