Five creative April Fool’s Day pranks

April Fool’s Day is almost here! Instead of doing something classic and predictable for a prank, try one of there five harmless yet hilarious pranks this year.

Febreze  Bomb

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.16.32 AM
What the Febreze bomb should look like. Creative Commons License

An air freshener can, a zip tie, some masking tape and a pair of cheap scissors is all you need. Simply loosely tie the zip tie onto the trigger until you are ready to activate it. When it is time for the prank, pull the zip tie and throw it in the general direction of your victim and run away. It’ll be surprising yet harmless as it’s just pressurized air. Make sure to do this prank outdoors and throw the bomb at the feet of your victim to avoid any injury or fume inhalation.

Freeze Breakfast Cereal

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.28.24 AM
An example of what your bowl should look like before you freeze it. If you want to take the spoon out you can. Creative Commons Licence

This prank is for your siblings at home. Leave a bowl of cereal and milk to freeze overnight and the next morning ask them to finish it for you. Watch as they unsuccessfully attempt to put their spoon in the bowl and their confused expression before they realise it’s frozen.

Flip Computer Screen Upside Down

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 12.06.01 PM
Example of what the computer screen should look like. Creative Commons License

This one is bound to make your friends annoyed. Find a way to gain access to their laptop and follow these directions for Mac’s or PC’s.

Mac: Go to the systems preferences menu and open the displays menu. Click the rotation drop down menu and select the orientation you want.

PC: First attempt the Ctrl + Alt keys while simultaneously  pressing the arrow buttons to make it rotate. If that doesn’t work try the screen resolution or display properties window which can be found in the settings then click the orientation window and have fun.

Rearrange Phone Homepage

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.39.17 AM
Iphone homepage. Creative Commons Licence

This one is an easy one to do. Simply log into your victim’s phone, and take a screenshot of their normal home page. Then set that screenshot as the homepage in the settings. Lastly move all apps to another page so that only the screenshot is left. Watch your friends attempt to open apps but fail miserably.

Confetti/Glitter in Umbrella

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.55.10 AM
Confetti. Creative Commons Licence

If someone you know really hates glitter, like really hates glitter, this is the prank for you. All you have to do is hide some pockets inside a closed umbrella. If you live in a place where it rains all the time (Singapore) then this will be easy. However, if it does not rain on April fools, you’ll have to get creative to get your victim to open the umbrella themselves. When they do, glitter and confetti will glamorously fall all over the head of the victim.

Make this year’s April Fool’s Day the most successful one yet. Happy Pranking!

Author: Alyssa Renert

This is Alyssa’s first year reporting for The Eye. She moved to SAS in 8th grade from Beijing and is now in 10th grade. She has lived all over the world. Alyssa loves to write as well as travel. She wants to make her last year at SAS interesting and exciting. Alyssa can be contacted at

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