In the ZXNE

Success stories are always fun to hear about – especially when they’re about kids our age. ZXNE, a new fashion line created by sophomore Garett Huang at Taipei American School is expanding its horizons and reaching out to the other IASAS schools.

Representing ZXNE, (back center) founders Garett Huang and Nathan Chang (back right) and two models in Taipei wearing ZXNE hoodies. Photo courtesy of Garett Huang.

Eye: What is the story behind your clothing line?

Garett: My clothing line was created due to my love for fashion. I had a friend that was also really into the fashion scene. However, we want to be different from other people on the street, we didn’t want to wear the same kind of clothing as other people, so that is basically why we decided to launch our own clothing line.

We named our brand ZXNE because my partner and I are both athletes so we need to be in the zone when we perform on the pitch and the track. We switch the O out for X since it means infinite possibilities in math, which shows that we have the ability to create a lot of different designs and trends. Our goal for the clothing line is to create affordable, quality and stylish looking clothing for the streetwear scene.

A model for ZXNE wears a ZXNE hoodie featuring a graphic of a man wearing a gas mask. Photo courtesy of Garett Huang.

Eye: Who do you work with and what is your relationship with them?

Garett: To build up a clothing business, the most important partner that we need is a clothing manufacture. We were extremely lucky because my partner happens to have close relations with this clothing vendor, so we could have affordable quality clothing.

Eye: Why did you want to expand to other IASAS schools?

Garett: One of the biggest reasons that we want to spread our brand through IASAS schools now is because our target customers are people between 15 to 26 and we believe by spreading it through IASAS, it is a good way for us to test the market.

Eye: What are some challenges of running a business as a student in high school?

Garett: We are still teenagers and in school, which means we are full-time students. Therefore, it is hard to maintain our grades while trying to run an actual business, where we risk losing money. Also because we are teenagers with no name, a lot of people don’t take us seriously when we reach out to retail stores.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.16.58 amEye: What kind of brand are you trying to present?

Garett: We want to present a streetwear brand that is affordable and trendy while maintaining quality.

Eye: What else do you want students at SAS to know about your clothing line?

Garett: We will never restock on our products because we want to make every shirt special and limited. Also our clothes will not be mass produced like brands such as ZARA, Forever21 and H&M. If you are interested, drop a like on our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram! Also check out our latest Hoodie Pre-order. We are giving 10% off to all SAS students!

If you’re interested, here are some links to follow to find ZXNE products:



Link to order hoodie

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