Which car service is best for students in Singapore?

Taxis, GrabCars, Ubers. For students at SAS, which is the most cost effective? What’s the preferred method of transportation, and why?

The transportation market is growing more and more competitive. The recent influx in the number of car hire services has provided options for customers to decide between a host of car services when travelling.

“[I prefer Uber over the other services] because my Dad pays for it,” said Mehr Aziz, a senior.

16674460114_504aec7218_o (1)
The Uber car booking app for iPhone and Android. Creative Commons license.

Generally, cost is the primary concern for students when it comes to getting around Singapore, so when students have the option to travel without spending their weekly allowance, they take it.

“I prefer Uber because it doesn’t come out of [my pocket],” said senior Logan Chaudry.

As a student, I can tell you that for most kids, getting around on the weekend is a constant battle of trying to spend as little money as possible. Obviously, the MRT and the bus are the most cost effective, but they don’t always get you directly to your destination. Oftentimes, you have to walk to and from the bus stop or MRT station. When you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, the various available car services are an excellent alternative.


Personally, I prefer GrabTaxi because I don’t have to set up an account (unlike Uber) and I’m able to see exactly where my driver is at all times (unlike normal Taxis). Also, there’s the added benefit of the GrabCar booking feature, which is essentially an Uber that you pay for with cash. Not only do you get to travel in something that feels more homey than a taxi, but it can actually be quite a bit cheaper.

For example, off peak, I can get to Marina Bay Sands from Newton Circus for $8. Also, it’s hard to explain, but if you use GrabTaxi often enough, you’ll begin to realize when it’s a good idea to book a GrabTaxi, and when it’s a good idea to book a GrabCar. Sometimes, I take cabs home from school, which is an estimated $20-30 via GrabTaxi, or a set price of $27 via GrabCar. In this case, I usually take GrabTaxi because it generally ends up at the lower end of the $20-30 spectrum.

Senior Derek Kinderman echoed my sentiments, “I like to use GrabCar because it’s cheaper.”

Uber has its benefits too, as anyone who travels in one doesn’t have to have their wallet handy. If you’re ever in a bind, Uber is always there with your pre-entered credit card information. In this sense, Uber trumps the other car services.

Is there an argument to be made for the normal taxi services, though? Senior Tristan Grigg thinks so. “I don’t use Uber because I don’t have a credit card, so I can’t set up an account. I don’t use GrabTaxi because I don’t … have 3G. [So], I use the normal taxi service.”

So, what is the best car service? It just depends on what you’re looking for – each has its pros and cons. GrabTaxi has the best prices, Uber’s the most convenient and normal taxis are the easiest to get. Take your pick.

Author: Zack Atlas

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