Kesha caught in the shadow

“Tik Tok” is a song that labeled the late 2010s. Unfortunately, the artist of that song, Kesha, is currently in a very uncomfortable situation. Kesha has claimed that her music producer Lukasz Sebastian “Dr. Luke” Gottwald allegedly abused her sexually and emotionally for years. To make matters worse, she is in a legal agreement with him and can only make music under his record company. This has put her life and career on hold. In the past week she’s been in court with Dr. Luke, trying to get out of her contract with his record label. All eyes should be on her throughout this trial, but instead people are focusing on a feud between two other celebrities.

Kesha during a performance. Photo from Creative Commons.

Singer and actress Demi Lovato recently spoke out about the Kesha and Dr. Luke scandal in order to show her support, but also added a bit of a dig towards a certain female who recently picked up Album of the Year at the Grammy’s – Taylor Swift. Lovato said, “I’m also ready for self-proclaimed feminists to start speaking out or taking action for women’s rights.”

Demi’s tweet taken from her Twitter.

Lovato later allegedly favorited a tweet clearly taking a jab at Taylor: “Is Taylor ever going to speak on #freekesha or is feminism purely a defense mechanism for her?”

The tweet Demi allegedly favorited. Screenshot from Twitter.

Although I understand where Lovato is coming from, in a time like this, the public’s attention should be focused on Kesha and her case rather than drama between two starlets. Although Lovato is preaching feminism, she spawned a girl fight, which totally contradicted her argument. By creating this dispute, it takes away from spreading awareness about the real problem – Kesha’s case.

Whether or not Taylor is in the wrong for not supporting Kesha (it was actually later announced that Swift donated $250,000 to Kesha), we need to focus on who the real criminal is in this situation. It’s not Demi, and it’s not Taylor. It’s Kesha’s abuser who should be receiving the backlash.

By focusing on a celebrity feud rather than the actual problem, it undermines the issues of alleged abuse and exploitation that Kesha states she’s been dealing with for years. It makes what Dr. Luke did look like no big deal.

At times like this, women should be coming together and supporting Kesha rather than butting heads.

We’ve seen situations like this before, where too much attention is set on something that isn’t important, taking the focus off the real crime.

For example, when Rolling Stone Magazine released their 2013 July cover with the Boston bombers face on it, it made him look like some sort of rockstar rather than the criminal he is. Too much attention was put on the villain rather than the victims.

Another example would be in 2009 when Chris Brown abused Rihanna. The tabloids blew up and spread like wildfire, focusing on the details of the beating and on Chris Brown rather than supporting Rihanna and other women living with domestic abuse in their lives.

Pop culture has a way of moving the story away from its focal point and onto something that’s sensational but extraneous and unimportant. Our generation needs to become aware of the  trend for social media to suck the seriousness out of important situations..

Author: Rosie Hogan

Rosie Hogan is a senior and one of the co editors of The Eye. Rosie has lived in Singapore for the majority of her life but goes back home to the states for her summers. When she’s not busy writing you can find her eating grilled cheese sandwiches, jamming out to Taylor Swift and watching Criminal Minds. She can be contacted at

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