Mood For Food: The Coffee Academics

The coffee shop chosen as one of the best coffee shops in the world by international publications such as Vogue and Buzzfeed has arrived in Singapore. The Coffee Academics , located in Orchard on the second floor of the Scotts Shopping Center, is the first outlet in Singapore of the popular Hong Kong chain. 

This was my first time visiting The Coffee Academics, and not only was the coffee and food amazing, but the design and the hospitality of the waiters were also impressive.

“This place is like Starbucks but with more variety,” our waiter said. The Coffee Academics coffee is all hand-crafted with globally inspired drinks for each month. The restaurant’s most popular hand-crafted coffee is called Okinawa Manuka Coffee and the Ice Drip, which is from the Blue Mountain Wallenford Estate. Because the waiter insisted I try the Okinawa Manuka Coffee, I ordered the drink without much thought.

The coffee was amazing. The honey on top of the coffee blended in with the bitterness of the actual drink. It cost $8 in a very cute, but small cup and it definitely was worth the cost. My dining partner Ariel So also agreed. “I think the coffee is great. It’s not that sweet but sweet enough for my liking,” stated Ariel So after she tried the coffee recommended by the waiter.

The customers have a chance to try different single origin coffees brewed by using many different methods and it is even possible to choose a customizable packaging for the Custom Blend Concierge to create your own coffee blend and have the chance to actually see it get roasted in the cafe.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.05.25 PM.pngHowever, it is not only their drinks that are popular in this cafe. The food, such as the Academic Breakfast and the Berry Gelato Pancakes, are extremely popular as well. The Academic Breakfast consisted of thick, grilled multigrain sourdough toast, cumberland pork,  bacon, and eggs of the consumer’s preference. Onion garlic beans topped with tomato sauce came with the bread. The Academic Breakfast cost $25, which I thought was a little over-priced, but the food itself was great. The eggs that came on the side of the plate were creamy and the toast was crispy yet very chewy on the inside. Most importantly, the baked beans was the best part of this plate as they were excellently seasoned with a touch of spice and salsa.

We also ordered Berry Gelato Pancakes for $22. The pancakes were very thick and topped with cream, strawberries, berries, and maple syrup. Although we were full by the time the pancakes arrived, the food looked delicious. The Berry Gelato Pancakes was photogenic and was nice to look at and take pictures, however, the food itself was not as great. The pancakes were a bit too sweet and starchy, so I did not think the price was as reasonable although both the foods we ordered were over-priced.

The Coffee Academics also does not forget to ensure all the customers are satisfied with their menu, as they have a very popular vegan option, the Acai Berry Bowl. It is not only specifically popular to the vegetarians and the vegans, but also the people who just love the taste of the bowl!

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.05.37 PMThere were also many people in different blogs that disagreed and thought the food was “so terrible. The food is very inconsistent; I came here last week and the pancakes were so much better than they were today.  So angry. They don’t pay attention to their food, miserable bacon, even the bread and baked beans have changed.” Some people complain about the service saying that, “our Flat White actually took an hour to arrive after asking the staff three times, two of which we were asking one of the staff and the reply was ‘I will check with them’ and never came back letting us know about anything.”

Obviously, many people disagree on certain aspects of the cafe and many believe there could be changes made in order to attract more customers. Nevertheless, the cafe is worth the shot! Overall, they do have great food, great service, great interior design, and most importantly, the best coffee drinks!

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