Season 2 IASAS Recap – Day 2

Day two of IASAS is complete and our Eagles are still making us proud.

In Manila, our girls’ touch team is tied for second with ISM. To go to the finals they need to win against ISKL tomorrow morning. Their game is at 10:15, click here to watch. Today, they played ISB (5-1) and JIS (4-5). Our rugby boys had an unfortunate day against TAS (5-22) and ISKL (5-28). If they beat JIS  by at least 14 points during their 8:45 game tomorrow morning, they can play for 3rd place.  

Here at SAS our swimmers are doing extremely well. Our girls have powered ahead and now have 509 points, and the second team has 274. They also broke the 4×100 meter relay IASAS record with a 4:28:25 time. Our boys are in third with 345 points. First place has 379 and second has 364, so all the teams are very close!

Down at ISKL our basketball teams are ballin’ hard. The boys won their games against JIS (66-35) and ISM (71-35) and are in first place. Our girls beat JIS (48-9) and TAS (56-32) and are in second place. The playoffs will continue tomorrow. You can keep updated at the IASAS basketball page.  

Up in Bangkok, our girls tennis team is in finals. They beat ISB (4-1), but lost to ISM (2-3) today. Our boys beat ISKL (5-0), but unfortunately lost to JIS (1-4). To keep updated visit the IASAS tennis page.
Another strong day for the Eagles. We wish them luck at their final day of IASAS tomorrow!


DSC_0108 2

Author: Sophia Coulter

Sophia Coulter is a second year reporter for The Eye, a Morning Show producer, and a current senior. This is her eighth year at SAS, but is originally from New York City. When she isn’t studying she likes to eat food, spend time with friends and watch netflix. Sophia can be contacted at

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