A message from an early grad

In just a few days, my journey in high school will end.

Soon, the table I sit at during lunch will become my landmark in the cafeteria, the teachers that I greet will be distant friends, and the familiar faces I see every day will be a memory. Since my decision to graduate early, the news has been bittersweet. I fail to answer people’s questions as to why I am graduating early  because it is simply too sad to discuss. But as all the seniors move on to different countries and colleges, you will realize, just like I do now, how soon everything will end.

Interim 2015 at Nepal

We’ve grown up thinking that what is happening now is all that matters. But in reality, it is only a portion of our lives. This may be obvious, but we choose to avoid it. We either hold on or let go, but balance is what is needed. For me, I have sulked for weeks about leaving so early, too early in fact, but I have to look at it in a different perspective.

Graduating early could potentially open up new opportunities for me. As soon as I leave Singapore, my step towards leaving a school and into a more independent life will have its ups and downs, but it will be a growth process. I can’t admit that I am excited to leave now, but I will admit that I am excited to see what’s to come.

I have been so privileged to be part of SAS. Living in such a diversely international school, we forget how dissimilar we are in ethnicity, cultures, and beliefs, but we are brought together by that diversity. I think that’s what is so great about Singapore American School – we are all diversely similar.

This month we’ve been crazed with college admission letters, and we have cheered for the ones who have been accepted and comforted those who were rejected. I remember thinking how amazing we are as a class, getting into all these top notch schools, but at the same time, thinking how distant we will soon be from each other. But again, that is part of letting go.

Prom Committee 2014-15. Photo by Sher Iqbal Texeira

The faces I see every day and the familiar hallways I walk through will just be another part of a story to tell in the future. I’ve been here for more than six years, yet I can’t fathom how the years have gone by so quickly.

After winter break there are only five more months of Second Semester Seniors and then you will all be going your separate ways. Cherish every moment and every activity. Appreciate the environment, the people, and the educators around you. It’s been a great experience with everyone here and surely, speaking on behalf of all the early grads, I couldn’t be happier to call myself an alum from Singapore American School. I will miss you all.

And of course, I must not forget a special thanks to The Eye.

Author: Bea Basilio

Bea Basilio is a junior and a new addition of The Eye staff this year. Originally from the Philippines, it’s her sixth year here at SAS. In her spare time, she loves to make art, watch movies, and hang out with friends. She can be contacted at basilio32362@sas.edu.sg.

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