Mood for Food: Toby’s Estate

Situated in the center of the city, yet somehow managing to maintain an untouched, tranquil feel, Toby’s Estate is the perfect breakfast place for anyone looking to take a short break from a hectic day.

The very first thing I noticed when walking through the glass doors of this cafe was the giant chalkboard behind the coffee counter, covered with an elaborate drawing of planters picking coffee beans to harvest. The simplicity of the image perfectly fit into the mood of the cafe. Simple white chairs and a long center table worked with the image to give off a community sort of feel. The waiter was quick to help me to a seat and provide me with two menus, and patiently stand to the side as I examined the simple single-page food menu.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 10.07.25 amAfter a bit of contemplation, Diya and I settled on one savoury and one sweet breakfast. I ordered the Rodyk Style Eggs Benedict: two poached eggs on top of smoked salmon and brioche; both doused in hollandaise sauce with a small side salad. Diya chose the French Toast: two pieces of thick french toast brioche covered in powdered sugar with a side of berry compote and maple bacon. To drink, I had a pot of Serendipity tea and Diya had a Mocha Chai.

I was impressed with the quick service, considering the surprisingly packed cafe at such an early hour. The mixture of berries and peach in the serendipity tea was very refreshing and had a summer taste to it; while Diya said her Mocha Chai was a bit bitter, but still enjoyable. We agreed that the tea was set at a goScreen Shot 2015-12-08 at 10.08.30 amod price of $6, considering the pot we received was very big – perfect for #of people it can serve. The Mocha chai was slightly overpriced, however, and was set at $6 for a relatively small serving.

Our food came shortly after our drinks, with an extreme aesthetic pleasure to the plates. The hollandaise sauce was my absolute favorite part of the dish, with a thick and sweet mix of spices perfect with the soft brioche. Salmon was the only disappointment, as its taste didn’t compliment the sauce.

Diya was extremely pleased with the French toast anScreen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.15.25 pmd managed to finish it in record time. The outside of the toast was very pleasant, especially when accompanied by the slightly tangy berry compote.

We agreed that both dishes received an 8/10. Surprisingly, my favorite part of the entire meal was the side of maple bacon with Diya’s order. I am an avid bacon hater, but I thought “Why not?” when I read espresso maple bacon. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the flavor was. It had an overwhelmingly sweet taste, which I enjoyed.

Set at $19 each, we agreed that both dishes were reasonably priced, considering how full we felt afterwards. The total price was $49 between the two of us, which was bit much for a breakfast outing. However, the meal was so overwhelmingly satisfying that it was hard to think about the money spent.

As we were leaving, I got a takeaway black coffee since I needed my caffeine hit for the day.
The disposable cup had a quote written on the side that ended with ellipses, with an address to where you could read the rest of the story. I found this to be absolutely adorable and ended up looking for the story on the
website later that day.

Our rankings for each component of the cafe were as follows:

Service: 5/5

Location: 5/5

Food: 4/5

Atmosphere: 5/5

Price: 3/5

If you’re looking for a relaxed setting for a perfect Sunday brunch or a close escape to catch up on studying, this is the ideal cafe for you.

Author: Diya Navlakha

Diya Navlakha is a junior in her tenth year at SAS. This is her second year as a part of The Eye. While originally from India, Diya spent her childhood in New York City and Singapore. A few of her hobbies include watching "Friends", baking, and spending time with friends and family. She can be contacted at

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