Stages of finals week

The semester’s almost over, which means counting down days until winter break, traveling, Christmas and… finals. So grab the books and coffee. It’s finally finals week.


Less than a week until finals

giphy (1)

You get motivated to study

giphy (11)

giphy (10)

And end up feeling sorta… dead

Courtesy of Minori Haddad / created via giphy

But after wasting countless hours doing nothing


And scrolling through PowerSchool

giphy (8)

You get a little stressed

giphy (12)

… okay maybe more than a little

giphy (14)

YOU ACTUALLY START TO STUDY (any time, any place, any function)

Courtesy of Minori Haddad / created via giphy

Sacrificing sleep 

Courtesy of Kristi Yang / via giphy

But you end up doing it anyways

giphy (13)

And end up being late the next morning

Courtesy of Minori Haddad / created via giphy


When your friends say they put down a different answer for the last question

Courtesy of Kristi Yang / created via giphy

But after the final final

giphy (7)

Author: Kristi Yang

Kristi Yang is a junior and second-year reporter for The Eye. She’s been in Singapore–at SAS–for the past five years and in Asia for the past seven. Previously, she’s lived in New York/Jersey and Beijing. Kristi keeps up with current events through social media platforms, though is also an avid reader of the New York Times. In her free-time, she can be found: figure skating at the rink, sweating through House of Pain, or finding inner-peace at yoga club. She can be contacted at

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