The most merry competition of all: Gingerbread house wars

MF Table 2
Jamila Adams, Adri Ballas, Emma Gordon, Caroline Indebraekt, Kathleen Early and Danielle Wait enjoy building their fourth and final gingerbread house.

Out of the dozens of spirit activities hosted by Peer Support every year, one competition stands out among the rest: The Annual Gingerbread House Competition. Students are provided with graham crackers, candy canes, marshmallows, icing, and m&m’s and are left to construct their very own masterpiece. After all the hype of building a gingerbread man’s dream house comes to an end, the real fun begins; the houses are judged and three come out on top. Below are the 2015 gingerbread house winners:

First Place: Hannes Herrel, Ritzky Widjaja, Demetri Greco, Danial Venema, and Kevin Clydesdale, also known as Green Street Elite, have held first place for the past four years now.

GSE, four year reigning champions.


GSE Palace
The “GSE Palace,” first place.

Gingerbread House Name? “The GSE Palace”

Sponsors and Inspiration? “GSE”

Anyone you’d like to thank? “We would love to thank our fans who helped us reach a milestone of four years and our losers for always trying again, year after year.”

Advice for future architects?

“Don’t try and get height, but always go for the decorations.”

Second Place: Juniors Julia Weiss, Emily Fisher, and Inés Cernuda.

Julia Weiss, Emily Fisher, and Ines Cernuda pose with their gingerbread house.
EIJ House
The “White and Black Mafia ” house, second place.

Gingerbread House Name? “White and Black Mafia.”

Sponsors and Inspiration? “The freshmen for giving us their frosting.”

Anyone you’d like to thank? “Ms. Colorado for standing up and believing in our house, even when our own friends didn’t.”

Advice for future architects? “Good luck beating us next year.”

Third Place: Freshmen, Nicholas Graves, Morgan Pazos, Thani Greco, Lexi Walling, and Ibby Fischer

Nick group (1)
Freshmen Nick Graves, Morgan Pazos, Thani Greco, Lexi Walling, and Ibby Fischer around their masterpiece.
Nick house 2
The “Casa del Gingerbread Cottage,” third place.

Gingerbread House Name? “Casa del Gingerbread Cottage”

Sponsors and Inspiration? “Our sponsors were Ms. Betts, Mr. Atkins and Mr. Schulz, and our inspiration came from the movie Frozen, which is why there was a snowman.”

Anyone you’d like to thank? “We’d like to thank all of our friends for supporting us.”

Advice for future architects? “We were kinda like ‘okay, let’s just put it in’ thinking we weren’t going to get third, but I guess we were wrong!”

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