Top 5 websites and apps to help prepare for exams

Semester exams are right around the corner! Instead of waiting until the last minute to cram an entire semester’s worth of knowledge, try using these five websites to try and help you recall those forgotten facts and prepare for the dreaded semester exams.

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Self-Control App

This mac application will allow you to block websites such as Facebook, Twitter, or anything that you know you will be distracted by for a period the period of time you need to study. Although it takes a lot of commitment and those who are easily distracted will find it hard to start the timer, it will force you to focus on your work and it helps you become much more productive. If needed, get a friend to set the self control app for you to make sure you stay on task. It’s very useful!

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Bored Of Studies Online Forum

This website is amazing for study materials and various resources. You can get access to past papers and practice essays along with notes from professors from many different colleges! This is useful in finding all the study information you need without having to search through all of your loose papers.

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This website and app allows students access to an Australian online database consisting of newspapers, books, maps, and many other documents that can help students get more in depth knowledge of a certain topic. Really helps for understanding concepts or historical facts for an exam.

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This classic flashcard website allows students to easily gain access to flash cards for almost any topic needed for an exam. They can browse already existing flashcards or create their own set. Games and tests are used order to make sure students memorise facts and are a key part of the Quizlet website. It’s very useful when students require quick facts and an easier study system.

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Spark Notes / Cliff Notes

A well known study help guide is Sparknotes and Cliff notes. These websites allow students to access summaries of books, and on historical events in the simplest of forms. It comes in handy when making flashcards or just last minute review of a topic.

By using these five websites, exam week seems a bit more doable (only slightly). It gives you everything you need to help prepare for the upcoming semester exams. Happy Studying!

Author: Alyssa Renert

This is Alyssa’s first year reporting for The Eye. She moved to SAS in 8th grade from Beijing and is now in 10th grade. She has lived all over the world. Alyssa loves to write as well as travel. She wants to make her last year at SAS interesting and exciting. Alyssa can be contacted at

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