Christmas on a Great Street

Couple sitting down in the tree. Photo by Julie Chung

The vivid lights of downtown Singapore during the “winter” is always filled with the holiday spirit. But have you really thought of how they were done? This year the Christmas decorations were hung up at the same time as the previous years’ – late October.

Why so early? Employee Lee Ling Ling at the Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) said this is because the process of decorating this shoppers’ heaven can take an extremely long time. While she was hesitant to share a specific timeline, she said they adhere to a strict schedule.

This procedure takes 67,200 hours to produce the Christmas decorations and it takes 10,800 hours to put up the decorations on Orchard Road. 

Once the decorations are up, the competition begins. Each year a Best Dressed Building Contest is held on Nov. 20 to Dec. 5. This is when a few malls on Orchard participate in a competition to win the most votes for their decorations and holiday spirit. Anyone can participate and vote on the mobile app called OneOrchard. Voters for the winner of the Voters’ Choice Award stand a chance at being one of 15 lucky voters to win up to S$200 worth of shopping cash.

ion inside
Inside the Swarovski tree. Photo by Julie Chung

Orchard has a variety of Christmas trees that people can admire. The tree that stands out the most is the one right next to the entrance of Orchard Road – the Swarovski tree! After seeing the outside of the tree, you’re probably thinking “How much did the tree cost?” or “Where are the diamonds?”

The tree is not ornamented with diamonds on the outside, but if you go in the tree, there are lights turned on and a crystal chandelier spinning above your head, which are made of Swarovski crystals. Unfortunately, the ORBA representative refused to tell us the value of the tree. 

To attract the eyes of younger people, Somerset is also decorated with more lights and Christmas figures. These decorations are more appealing to friends and couples to take pictures and sit down and enjoy the holidays.

This year’s theme for this street are candy canes and the red and white stripes and ornaments. This mall is part of the Best Dressed Building Contest.

taka tree.JPG
Gold and red Christmas tree in Ngee Ann City/Takashimaya. Photo by Julie Chung

Another Christmas tree that stands out is the one inside Ngee Ann City/Takashimaya. The bright shining lights of gold and red just stands out in the middle of the mall. This Christmas tree says “high voltage,” which is a rare sight because the rest of the trees don’t have a barrier to protect it, which shows how much electricity they are using.

This tree is as tall as three floors of the complex and it also has a huge golden star on the tip of the tree. Although this tree is as beautiful as the other ones, unfortunately, this mall is not participating in the competition for the voters to vote.

Every holiday season, ORBA plans an event called Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road. “There will also be special performances for December’s edition of Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road. The street will be filled with Christmas performances and carolling by various interest groups, and activities for kids including balloon sculpting and face-painting. Orchard Road will also welcome its very own Santa Claus to usher in the festivities.”

Orchard will be closed on Dec. 6, so make sure to walk down the charming street of and enter a winter wonderland!


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