Short feminist videos shed light on “touchy” subjects

“Rethink the world.” This is the slogan of Mic News, known as a news outlet made by and produced for millennials. The website’s content features a distinctly millennial perspective in much of what is reported. Amongst the many news features they have is the quirky and hard-hitting web series, Flip the Script.

In a series of videos ranging from two to five minutes, Elizabeth Plank, Mic’s senior editor, “challenges the assumptions” that society makes about those who are underrepresented or misinterpreted. Elizabeth, who is a staunch feminist, tackles each topic with humor and wit – and each video is always relevant to current news events. Here are three of the best Flip the Script feminism-based videos, which will have you hooked, whether you agree or not.

Can Men be Feminists?

“Orange Is the New Black” star Matt McGorry discusses the idea that men can be feminists, too.

The Truth About Women Who Don’t Have Kids

Why are women who don’t have kids being labelled as “stubborn citizens?” Mic looks into this misconception.

The Abortion Debate: 2015

A look into what “pro-lifers” think about women who have abortions, this video is coming at a time when abortion is the biggest debate in America.

Author: Meera Navlakha

Meera Navlakha has been a part of the Eye staff since sophomore year and has taken journalism all four years of high school. Currently a senior, she has been at SAS for eight years but is originally from India. Apart from journalism, she loves reading, going to brunch and re-watching episodes of her favorite shows. She can be contacted at

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