What exactly is APEx?

APEx is not just a gym, it’s a new fitness facility for all students, not just the gym rats who want to get big. The best part – it’s all student run.

Phase one APEx facility was built this summer and has already had a huge impact on students. A survey was taken by the Business of Sport class that runs the facility and found that there has been a 35 percent increase in users since last year.

Sophia Law, a senior and one of the board members overseeing the new APEx facility, said, “I really want APEx to be something more to students than ‘just a gym.’ I want it to be a gathering place or a community of fitness.”  

The majority of SAS students have no idea what APEx is all about, but the Business of Sport class wants to remedy that.

Who: “A fitness facility designed for students of all fitness levels, whether they are common users of the weightlifting facility or students that just want to stay in shape.” – Charles Shriner, Business of Sport supervisor

What: “APEx stands for Athletic Performance and Exercise Facility” – Sophia Law, APEX board member

Why: “We want students to have something that they can not only go to to live healthier lives but also have somewhere where they can spend their free time and they want to go there.” – Charles Shriner, Business of Sport supervisor

Where: It’s located here on the campus in the former Auxiliary gym A.

When: “There are three phases in APEx and the second and third phase will eventually move to the gym next door (Gymnastics area).” – Sophia Law, APEX board member

How: APEX was first thought of and implemented by SAS students. Two years ago there was a push for a new fitness facility by SAS athletes and their dreams were brought to reality because of the APEX board members.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 1.20.37 PM
A rendering of what APEx will look like at the end of phase three in the coming years.

APEx is attempting to turn the tides of how students view gyms and fitness at school. Constant worries that underclassmen and women refuse to use the gym because of intimidation still haunts the reputation of APEx, but Charles Shriner, the advisor of the Business of Sport Class, is committed to ensuring that does not happen. “ I really want APEx to be something that the students can call their own. And with that thought, I think that they would treat it like it’s their own.”

Author: Brian Ford

Brian Ford is a senior and first year reporter for The Eye and staff member of the Morning Show. Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, he enjoys playing a variety of sports such as baseball, volleyball and softball. He also likes to update his spotify playlists and shoe collection. You can contact him at ford45024@sas.edu.sg.

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