Who is the funniest political satirist?

Political satire has been one of the back bones for comedy the last 20 years. Recently it has escalated to an all-time high with the digital revolution and attempts to get the new and younger generation to pay attention to politics without it being so boring. A few iconic figures have emerged not only as funny hosts, but also trusted and reliable truth tellers. So the question has to be asked. Who is the funniest one?

John Oliver

John Oliver has emerged as one of the funniest hosts on the Internet. With his new show on HBO – “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”  – he has won over a lot of the younger generation.  Take a look at one of his short segments about his show.

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is the rookie in town after taking over Jon Stewart’s role as host of “The Daily Show.” With a very high bar that Jon Stewart set, Noah has a lot of people to impress and some big shoes to fill. See what he had to say on the Canadian elections.

Jon Stewart

One of the most iconic figures in the industry and regarded as one of the most trustworthy people, Stewart really defined what political satire is. After just recently leaving “The Daily Show,” he now wants to direct and produce more documentaries. His first movie “Rosewater” was released in 2014. Here is one of his segments from 2013 on MH317.

Stephen Colbert

Colbert has been by far the most energetic character in the business. Appealing to more of a conservative audience, he has emerged as an iconic voice of comedy. Today he is the host of “The Late Show,” replacing the long time host David Letterman. Before his days on the “Late Show,” he had a show of his own “The Colbert Report.” See what he has to say about his critics.

Author: Brian Ford

Brian Ford is a senior and first year reporter for The Eye and staff member of the Morning Show. Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, he enjoys playing a variety of sports such as baseball, volleyball and softball. He also likes to update his spotify playlists and shoe collection. You can contact him at ford45024@sas.edu.sg.

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