Top 10 things only seniors understand

1. Doing anything to get into your dream college… even if that means selling your soul


2. Being told by underclassmen to “chill”


3. … then realizing that there is no “chill”


4. You are afraid to check your school email because 99% of the emails you receive are from your counselor


5. “Everything the light touches is our kingdom”


6. Looking through your calendar and realizing that you haven’t been this busy in a long, long time


7. When senioritis says go, but your grades say no


8. Being told by adults that “you can’t do that in college” over and over again


9. Chasing your dream college like


10. But finally being able to leave Southeast Asia for Interim is worth most of the stress you enduretcwzw

Author: Stephanie Palanca

Stephanie Palanca is a senior and a second year reporter for The Eye. She has lived in Singapore since fourth grade, though she is originally from Manila, Philippines. When she is not doing anything related to school, she likes to try eggs benedicts from different brunch places around Singapore, photograph the world around her, binge watch Grey’s Anatomy, and play tennis. She can be contacted at

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