McDonald’s “Create Your Taste” review

Choose your own bun, greens, cheese, sauce, and toppings – McDonald’s now offers it all. Create Your Taste is a brand new dining experience that allows you to have complete customization and sit-down service all via a touch screen menu.

McDonald’s first launched the Create Your Taste service in Australia, and this resulted in some success, leading to the program spreading to 2,000 new locations in the United States last December.

One by one, each McDonald’s began to provide this service to their customers, but why launch it in the first place? Slumping sales have slowly affected the company as a whole and competitors have rolled in. Customers have lost interest as the typical easy-to-serve McDonald’s menu has truly become unvaried and bland. Though a large fries and a six piece chicken nugget could easily cure a bad day, sales still remained at a severe decline. The company finally took initiative and introduced the new Create Your Taste service.

Create Your Taste
DIY McDonald’s Burger. Photo by Brenae McLeish

Arguments have arisen within the company as it “does not fit our business model” and that “McDonald’s Corp. has officially panicked and jumped the shark,” one of the business management operators complained. 

Another franchise owner stated, “Initially, sales with this new concept were very slow taking off…McDonald’s management doesn’t seem to know what they want: expensive and slow custom burgers in the same restaurant where we sell the Dollar Menu?”

McDonald’s is known for its Dollar Menu and fast service, but what’s the harm in mixing it up a bit? I decided to go to McDdonalds and see this for myself. I hopped in a cab and headed down to Causeway Point to have the full Create Your Taste experience and couldn’t wait to be surprised. (To find the nearest Create Your Taste service, click here.)

Create Your Taste
At the Causeway Point McDonald’s. Photo by Brenae McLeish

When purchasing a Create Your Taste meal, customers are not required to approach the standard counter to order and pick up their food; this is a significant difference between the new program and the traditional McDonald’s fast food service. To order and personalize your burger, customers simply navigate through the touch screen service and select their fillings and possible side orders.

Once orders are made, if customers choose card payment, they do not even need to proceed to the counter, they simply type in their card and key in their pin number. This is all for the convenience of the customer – yet another extremely important break from the typical service model. 

McDonald’s has taken their slogan “Have it your way” to a whole new level.

Author: Brenae McLeish

Brenae Mcleish is a Junior and has been at SAS since Freshman year. This is her first year on The Eye. She is from Washington, DC originally but has lived majority of her life so far overseas. She enjoys playing lacrosse, cheerleading, taking pictures, and hanging out with friends. She can be contacted at

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