Top 10 Last Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween

  1. Grab a pair of grey goggles, a yellow hat, and say “banana.”

    Photo by Angel Beil. Creative Commons License.

    Photo by Sweetalwys4eva Creative Commons License.

  2. Rummage through your closet for a white tank top, a pink camisole, a blank skirt, and a pair of black heels. Regina George style.

    Omg, can I be Regina George for Halloween??
    Photo by Maddie Ladner. Creative Commons License.

  3. You’re looking too hard for your outfit. Your answer is right in front of you… well… almost. Step into the bathroom and wrap yourself in toilet paper. Or get your MUMMY to do it for you!

    zombie walk
    Photo by Rehka Garton. Creative Commons License.

  4. Obsessed with snapchat? Got you covered… with a rainbow.

    What do you think about this #halloween #costume #idea? By @gettingpretty . ・・・ Guess what I'm working on.... 🌈 This #tutorial just went live on my channel! #gettingpretty #halloween #makeup #snapchat
    Photo by Royal Care Cosmetics. Creative Commons License.

  5. A top hat, a white moustache, a red bowtie & your dad’s shiny suit is all you need.

    McDonalds MONOPOLY Tournament in Vancouver (13)
    Photo by Kevin Tostado. Creative Commons License.

    Rich Uncle Pennybags
    Photo by Sean Davis. Creative Commons License.

  6. It’s time to live that childhood dream of being a mermaid.

    Mermaid Me
    Photo by Adele Blancsec. Creative Commons License.

    Take your mom’s fishnet stockings and paint over it! (With permission, of course.)
    Le baromètre est au beau fixe ...
    Photo by Môsieur J. Creative Commons License.

  7. One word. Pumpkins.

    Photo by James Willcox. Creative Commons License.

    Let your inner carving skills shine (through the pumpkin)!
    Obama and McCain Pumpkin Portraits by the Pumpkin Lady
    Photo by Rachel Echols. Creative Commons License.

  8. Or go with the classic. The Joker.
    Joker - banner
    Photo by johnantoni. Creative Commons License.

    Materials needed: A purple suit, a green shirt, a black tie, white paint, black paint, and a ton of lipstick.
    Montreal Comiccon 2013: The Joker
    Photo by Pikawil. Creative Commons License.

    But if you don’t find the right combination of clothes, just go with the lipstick. You might end up looking like Miranda Sings.
    Photo by Erica Rivera. Creative Commons License.

  9. If all goes wrong, wear your underwear over your pants. You can’t go wrong with the classic superhero look.

    Batman vs. Superman (203/365)
    Photo by JD Hancock. Creative Commons License.

  10. But if you literally have three seconds, grab a bed sheet, scissors, and become Casper the Friendly Ghost’s doppelgänger.

    This is the most effort I put into a costume EVER!
    Photo by Jackie. Creative Commons License.

    Photo by tlink21. Creative Commons License.

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