Calling all assassins – sign-ups end Friday

Assassin’s week is a terrifying, anxiety-inducing, yet hilarious event that makes life at school a lot more interesting.

It goes like this – at the beginning of the week those participating (students or faculty) receive an email with a name. That name is the target. After much time researching who this person is (or as some people put it – online stalking) the participants then come to school searching for their victim. However there’s a slight problem that prevents them from eliminating their target. All participants not only have a victim, but they also have an assigned assassin and they have no idea who it is.

An assassin dresses up in preparation for the finals- Photo by Lexi Swift
An assassin dresses up in preparation for the finals- Photo by Lexi Swift

“I found out my assassin was a teacher because he took me out of class and said he needed to talk to me about something serious, and the moment he takes me out of class he takes out his cellphone and the moment he did, I dived right back into the classroom,” said sophomore Lexi Swift, runner-up for last year’s assassin’s.

Last year, in order to successfully eliminate their targets, participants would either take a selfie with their victim, or they would put a special sticker on their target and take a picture of them, then send it to the Student council via email or snapchat, However there’s a catch, in order to get these special stickers, participants must make their way to the top floor where the basket of stickers are located. It’s much like the cornucopia in the hunger games, all the assassins going to the same place.  This year the rules have changed slightly. Instead of using a sticker, participants can chuck a sock at their victim.

There are rules to this event to make sure chaos does not ensue. The Center of Innovation/Library, restrooms, and classrooms are off limits, which means that any “elimination” that takes place in these locations do not count. Assassins can, however, guard the exits of these places to catch their target. The event also only runs from 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. every day from October 26th to October 30th. So before school and after school are not allowed.

When participants have successfully eliminated their target, they receive an email with

Some of the many selfies taken for the final battle - Photos by Lexi Swift
Some of the many selfies taken for the final battle – Photos by Lexi Swift

their new target. If participants do not eliminate their target by a specific date (which is stated in the original target email) then they too are eliminated. Also, if participants are not active and have not successfully eliminated their target in two days, then they are eliminated by default. This is to make sure that all people participating are active and are not hiding in classrooms the entire time.

At the end of the week all the remaining participants go to the cafeteria for the final showdown. Last year, assassins were given a short amount of time to run around the school and get as many selfies as possible. The student or faculty member with the most selfies wins the title of the ultimate assassin.

“I recommend assassins for anyone who wants to run and be paranoid for an entire week,” Lexi said.

It’s going to be a fun and chaotic event. Make sure to register by responding to the email that was sent by Student Council on Oct. 5. The last day to register is this Friday, Oct 16. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate assassin?

Author: Alyssa Renert

This is Alyssa’s first year reporting for The Eye. She moved to SAS in 8th grade from Beijing and is now in 10th grade. She has lived all over the world. Alyssa loves to write as well as travel. She wants to make her last year at SAS interesting and exciting. Alyssa can be contacted at

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