New Fox show Scream Queens: If it bleeds it leads

Designer bags, mini skirts, perfect hair, blood, gore, and deaths. Seems like an uncommon set of words to put all together, but in Ryan Murphy’s new series, everything from sororities to blood slaughter are all on the table.

You may say that Mr. Murphy’s other show “Glee” made you laugh hysterically or that his “American Horror Story” gave you goosebumps of fright, but this new TV show combines both laughter and terror. “Scream Queens” is a comedy horror about a typical sorority led by a mean girl, Chanel Oberlin. With her high class status and on-going threats, it’s no surprise that this evil protagonist is the main drama queen of the series. As she gets her way with the sorority’s new members and their principal, viewers unravel the secrets, haunted mysteries of Kappa Kappa Tua sorority and the recurring appearance of the Red Devil.


With the stellar cast of Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, Nick Jonas and many more, fans will certainly be flocking to the show. The director and co-producer, Ryan Murphy, has a reputation of bringing in old faces into his shows as well as new ones. In his other series, such as “American Horror Story,” Emma Roberts has appeared in seasons back-to-back, as well as bringing in Lea Michele from “Glee.” The goal was to drag viewers in to feel familiar with the cast as well as bringing back our beloved actors in a different character.

With this impressive cast and the director’s reputation, four million people just had to take a look at the debut of the first episode. So I decided to take a look too.

The series was not the type I would usually watch – featuring high heeled, rich college students with valley girl accents with a touch of gruesome burns and blood every now and then. The trailer wasn’t my cup of tea either, but something about it made me want to watch. Maybe it was the overly dramatic acting, or maybe it was the ironic idea of horror versus comedy. Whatever it was, Ryan Murphy got my attention, even though I had no interest in watching.

The story kicked off with a flashback of the sorority where terror first begins. With dry humor, it wasn’t hard to cringe at the bad acting for most of the beginning. But I have to admit that when Emma Roberts appeared, some of the jokes made me chuckle, but I was mostly laughing at the stupidity and ridiculousness of the story.



Although the story includes a “horror” aspect to it, those scenes weren’t as thrilling or exciting as I expected them to be. The Red Devil, which seems to be the main threat of sorority girls so far and the mystery’s disguised murderer, provides boring scenes of threat and brings in more of a corny reaction to its killings.

The series felt like a guilty pleasure that I would come back to if I wanted to laugh at something. Overall, I can understand why some people would like the series because of its ridiculous humor, but in a wider lens, it wouldn’t be the best series to watch if you were trying to find something with a deeper meaning to it. 

If you’re into corny humor with a splash of blood, I would recommend it. But if you watch shows with a little higher intellectual level, like “House of Cards,” stay clear. 

Author: Bea Basilio

Bea Basilio is a junior and a new addition of The Eye staff this year. Originally from the Philippines, it’s her sixth year here at SAS. In her spare time, she loves to make art, watch movies, and hang out with friends. She can be contacted at

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