Say goodbye to procrastination!

Do not procrastinate, do not procrastinate, do not procrastinate!! This seems pretty much self-explanatory. We all warn ourselves not to procrastinate, but it’s much harder done than said.

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Even though many of us students know not to, we cram in our studying or work the night before. It almost feels like an inevitable trap and endless cycle. The more we procrastinate, the more we think it’ll be okay to do it again.

So, how can we break this cycle?

Here are some tips and new ways of thinking that might help:

1) Organize your study space

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Sometimes we don’t realize the importance of a clean study space. It can be the thing that discourages us from studying or working. Keep your desk tidy!

2) Prioritize

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Try prioritizing the things you have to get done. Don’t take care of other things first just to put off the most important task.

3) Break up the work

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Even though it’s extremely difficult not to procrastinate, stop yourself by doing bits of work or studying ahead of time. Do one thing at a time.

4) Set realistic goals

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Set goals for yourself to work towards. Don’t give yourself unattainable goals.

5) Plan out a schedule

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Use a planner or agenda to assign different time slots for studying/working. Make sure you set aside time for your tasks and stick to your schedule. Try making a to-do list every single day. Checking things off your checklist will encourage you to stick to your tasks and ensure that you’re on track.

6) Quit saying that procrastination works

You might tell yourself that you work best under stress. It’s true that pressure motivates us to get things done, but it shouldn’t give us a reason to leave things until last minute.

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7) Don’t wait for perfection

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Don’t wait for perfection, thinking that you just need to wait for that specific moment of inspiration to come for you to get things done.

8) Simply start

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You don’t have to finish the task way ahead of time, but make sure you at least start! Once you’ve started, sticking to your study/work schedule will get easier.

9) Believe in yourself

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Don’t second-guess yourself. Believe that you can accomplish the task as long as you commit to it. Envision yourself succeeding and keep walking towards that vision.

10) Know how to take regular breaks

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Make sure you don’t overwork yourself! Set a timer so that you can take a break every so often, for instance, every 50 minutes. This will increase work productivity.

11) Reward yourself once in awhile

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Once you’ve completed one task, go reward yourself with a treat. Go do something you enjoy, or indulge in something you like. It’s what you deserve after all the hard work you’ve put in.

Now, go and defeat procrastination! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

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Creative Commons License.

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