New Daily Show host spurs varied reactions

Trevor Noah made his debut as the host of The Daily Show. Image via Comedy Central.

Anyone who is a Jon Stewart fan will know that that the brilliant comedian and host left The Daily Show earlier this year. Stewart, who continues to have a particularly loyal fanbase, was the face of the show for about 16 years, catapulting viewership and bringing The Daily Show to a higher, unprecedented reputation. Needless to say, he left some big shoes to fill.

The task was handed over to Trevor Noah, a 31-year-old South African comedian and now television host. Comedy Central named the heir to The Daily Show throne, stating, “Trevor Noah pushes boundaries; he is provocative and spares no one, himself included.” On September 28th, he had his much-awaited debut, one that was watched by over 7.3 million viewers.

This debut gathered mixed reviews from an assortment of critics. Before you head over to watch his first episode, check out some of the responses it got.

The New Yorker’s critic Sarah Larson described her initial apprehension over Stewart’s replacement. She writes, “He and the writers should work extra hard to earn our trust”, while acknowledging that the show is heading in the right direction.

On the other hand, The Guardian featured a slightly more negative impression. “Noah had an average first night,” wrote Brian Moylan, “neither killing it nor completely embarrassing himself.” These are perhaps not the best words to hear, but they leave room for improvement, as Moylan himself says.

Among the most positive reviews is from Mic, where Noah’s approach to the show was appreciated through clips and gifs. “Noah showed a willingness to embrace a considerably darker shade of humor than most Daily Show watchers have come to expect.

Devin Kay, who teaches AP US History among other classes, frequently used The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in class. “For over eight years, Jon Stewart was a vehicle to get [my students] interested in current events and in US history. It was such a great teaching tool.”

Kay watched the YouTube clip (above), which featured the first eleven minutes of the new host’s debut. “I’m not quite sure how much Noah will be in touch with American history,” he said. “I’m just waiting to see what happens [with Noah], before I start using it in class again.”

Junior Sunita Srivatsan essentially agreed with this, stating, “I always thought Jon Stewart was both funny and informational and it was a great way to approach APUSH. I don’t know too much about the new host yet.”

For those of who have watched and loved The Daily Show in the past, Trevor Noah has proved that its legacy will not die. As Jon Levine of Mic wrote, “Noah is not Stewart, and as he slowly makes the show his own, all fans are likely in for an exciting ride.”

Author: Meera Navlakha

Meera Navlakha has been a part of the Eye staff since sophomore year and has taken journalism all four years of high school. Currently a senior, she has been at SAS for eight years but is originally from India. Apart from journalism, she loves reading, going to brunch and re-watching episodes of her favorite shows. She can be contacted at

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