#WTDSG on a budget: TreeTop Walk

Sometimes it pays to be cheap.

Finding fun things to do in Singapore on a budget usually ends with you feeling sad and defeated, $2 in hand, as you try and find your cheapest way home. But have no fear, your days of sitting at home planning your next Instagram-worthy adventure can finally be put to rest. Here’s one activity you can do in Singapore on a budget.

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View from underneath the bridge. Photo by Sasha Quinlan

Singapore’s TreeTop Walk, located at the Macritchie Reservoir, is a very popular location in Singapore due to its beautiful scenery and its price – free. At 25 meters off the ground with only trees underneath, this is definitely not your average hike location. This location is already a widely known place among SAS students. Sophomore Shelby Spinks said, “Being up that high was scary and thrilling, but it was also extremely beautiful. I would recommend it to anyone!”

This walk is perfect for people who like to take risks but also enjoy being close to nature.

You might be wondering why this location was only given a 50% in the Do It Again category below. Although the Treetop Walk is a great sight to see, some might say the journey to get there may not be worth it. Junior Ryan Hadley definitely agrees. “I loved the walk, but I really disliked the journey to get there.”

Exit from bridge. Photo by Sasha Quinlan

The hike to the Treetop Walk is about 2.6 km and a little longer back. This took me about a little over two hours to complete, while the TreeTop Walk itself is only about 15 minutes. Honestly, the TreeTop Walk is something I think everyone living in Singapore needs to do at least once, but it is definitely a trip for a whole afternoon. Make sure to bring lots of water and friends to keep you company on this long trail!
Even with the long travel distance and the scary height, the TreeTop Walk is still a perfect place for teens looking for fun things to do without having to sacrifice their wallets in the process.


TreeTop Walk

601 Island Club Rd, 578775

Open/Closing: 9am-5pm (Closed Mondays)

Price: Free

Estimated Time Spent: 2.5 hours

What would I score it?:


Author: Sasha Quinlan

Sasha Quinlan is Senior and one of the co-editors of The Eye. This is her third year reporting on The Eye. Having attended SAS for the past 15 years, she considers Singapore home. Some of her hobbies include binge watching "Clueless", writing, cheering, and eating sweet potatoes. She can be contacted at quinlan18229@sas.edu.sg.

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