Don’t miss Dreamworks Animation in Singapore

Shrek, Po, Marvin, Toothless the Dragon, the whole Dreamworks Animation family is in the +65!

At the first stop of its international tour, “DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition is now showcased at the ArtScience Museum of Singapore until Sept. 27.

Many of us have fallen in love with at least one of DreamWorks Animation’s characters or stories. They immerse us in a virtual world that extends beyond our imagination and fill our minds and hearts with joy.   

“DreamWorks is definitely a big part of my childhood…[it] has a lot of movies that kids in our generation grew up with and keep us connected to our childhood. Now, with their sequels, they’re not just kids movies anymore. They’re movies everyone can enjoy and I still watch and look forward to new animation movies from them,” said senior Caroline In de Braekt.

Working its magic since 1995, DreamWorks Animation (DWA) has produced 31 feature films that captivated both young and old audiences worldwide. Today, it celebrates its honorary 20th anniversary by providing a rare glimpse of the behind the scenes of its creative legacy for the very first time.

IMG_2281 copy
Character sculptures. Photo by Kelly Chung

The exhibition presents more than 400 items, including never-before-seen concept drawings, original models/artworks, interviews, storyboards and digital interactive displays that allow us to become immersed in the fascinating world of animation – exploring the process of an idea coming alive on screen.

“The exhibition [is] a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see how a famous movie company can take artwork beyond just simple ideas… [it] isn’t just about Shrek or Eldorado, but about how you can take a small possible idea into…numerous possibilities as unmeasurably wide as the galaxy,” said senior TK Hwang.

Whether you are an animator, serious film lover or a simply a die hard fan of animation movies, walking through this comprehensive exhibition that perfectly depicts the artistry of DreamWorks Animation will leave you mesmerized by all the effort that came together to make your childhood memories become possible. “DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition” is a reminder for everyone about how appreciative we should be for all the stories they have created that have enriched our lives.

Original Character Sketches
Original character sketches. Photo by Kelly Chung

“DreamWorks as a company has built childhoods that stood out to me. I always hear stories about Disney and Pixar, but I feel that Dreamworks has always just been a side character. This exhibit really help me understand that DreamWorks has contributed to a lot of beautiful animation and storytelling. Realizing this, going to the DreamWorks exhibition just reconfirmed my passion for film and animation,” said senior Isla Myles.

If you are a DreamWorks lover, you would’ve probably wondered at some point: How did they come up with the idea for a friendship between a man and a dragon? What was the inspiration for the Land Far Far Away? How did they think of creating a story of animals exploring the world?

No need to wonder any longer, as the exhibition unveils the journey taken to create these evolutionary characters and stories that brought us to places never explored before where new emotional registers are reached.

“The exhibit really encompassed all of their films really well and brought out the ‘wonder’ element of storytelling in a very beautiful and inspiring way. It was like a mini Disneyland,” exclaimed senior Isla Myles.

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As visitors walk through the exclusive gallery, they can experience and witness what it takes to create and bring to life such enchanting stories in three stages: Character, Story, and World. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the amazing models of the movie settings, authentic storyboards, videos of greenscreen action, original scoreboards for the soundtrack, and not to forget the highlight of the whole exhibition: a spectacular, 180 degree projection of Berk’s view from How to Train Your Dragon.”

In the short 30 seconds, you will be taken through the transformation of black pencil lines morphing into a beautiful dragon then be taken on a flight as you ride the dragon through Hiccup’s town. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss!

“My favorite part was by far getting to see the illustrations of the film settings, like the dragon shaped islands from ‘How to Train your Dragon’ and the circus show from Madagascar. It intrigued me to see how original and creative they were on making the location of the movies,” said junior Lexa Risjad.

Through the retrospective gallery, not only can you reminiscence your childhood memories, but also find the inspirational roots to your favorite movies.

So instead of logging onto Netflix tonight to re-watch your favorite DreamWorks animation movie, head on down to the ArtScience Museum and experience the journey yourself!

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition @ ArtScience Museum (Marina Bay Sands)

From Now until Sept. 27

Adult Price: $21

PR Adult Price: $14

Author: Kelly Chung

An avid photographer, a foodie, fitness enthusiast and a Friends fangirl, Kelly is a new Eye reporter this year. She’s been in Singapore since 2004 and at SAS since 6th grade. Now as a senior, she continues embracing her love for touch rugby and exploring hidden gems of Singapore. Kelly can be contacted at

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