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Wanting to satisfy that sweet tooth? What’s better than a cold, creamy, concoction that will melt you away into a daydream on a stressful afternoon. Luckily, llao llao is just the right place for you. Unlike any other frozen yogurt brand, llao llao has different toppings that vary in choices of seasonal fruits, crunches and sauces. Made on the premises of the store, the yogurt is served at 5ºC, giving it its rich and soft consistency that slowly melts in the mouth.

Medium frozen yogurt topped with crushed caramelized cookies, blueberries, and white chocolate sauce. Photo by Christen Yu.
Medium frozen yogurt topped with crushed caramelized cookies, blueberries, and white chocolate sauce. Photo by Christen Yu.

Commonly mispronounced European frozen yogurt store llao llao (pronounced “y(ao) y(ao)”) opened its first store in 2009 in Spain. Although the name “llao llao” has no particular meaning to it, it has become a familiar name to yogurt lovers around the world.

With a network of more than a hundred shops in Spain, llao llao is rapidly expanding abroad with over 30 shops already open in four different continents. Fortunately, Singapore currently has 18 open outlets so you can easily find one near you.

llao llao stores across the globe serve the same frozen yogurt, made from all natural “skimmed milk” – one of the many nutritional assets of this frozen yogurt, according to llao llao’s official website. Not only is their yogurt of low fat and calorie content, but it also provides a source of “protein, calcium” and is “gluten free!” Appealing to everyone from little children and older adults, llao llao helps bodies “develop during important stages of life” by strengthening bones and teeth, boosting the immune system and even aiding with digestion, according to the store’s literature. These hidden nutritional benefits are just another perk of this brand’s yogurt.

Just recently, we headed out to llao llao at Wisma Atria, located in the heart of Orchard Road. The line was long, but we quickly jumped in to get our own order. Their menu included a wide range of mouth watering treats such as the ‘Granillao’ which are fresh fruit slushes, creamy smoothies with the base of frozen yogurt, and the perfect size of frozen yogurt for little children, the ‘Petitllao’. We chose to get the Sanum, a parfait layered with toppings and yogurt, and of course, it was the order that included the most toppings. We picked oreo crumbs and sunflower seeds as our crunches, fresh strawberries, kiwis and blueberries as our fruits, and a drizzle of smooth white chocolate to top it off.

The $6.95 was worth it. We scrambled to the side of the store and finished the entire cup within moments. Soon after, we interviewed and asked other customers for their honest opinions regarding llao llao. Customer Gregory said he comes to llao llao “once every two weeks.” He ordered the “Sanum because there’s lots of fruits inside, and that’s what [he] likes.” Another customer, Sydney, gave llao llao a huge thumbs up for being worth the cost. She says that “for two toppings and for a small size, I do think that $5.70 is a pretty good price just because the small size is actually pretty decent. One person, or even two people can finish it. And I think the taste itself is pretty good, so the price and everything is perfect.”

Many SAS students are already Ilao Ilao fans, even if they can’t pronounce the name. Junior Michelle Fan commented that “the price that you’re paying is worth with what you get because you get a lot of toppings and it’s quite healthy for you.”

But others are reserving their recommendations. When junior Anissa Wiesel was asked to rate llao llao out of 10, she said, “I would give it a seven because even though the toppings and the whole concept of that is pretty cool, the frozen yogurt itself isn’t that great.”

If you want to decide for yourself, head on over to Wisma Atria, Plaza Singapura, Causeway Point, Bedok Mall, Marina Square Shopping Mall, Harbourfront Walk, Tiong Bahru Road, or any of the other outlets scattered around Singapore. With the estimated 700 possible topping combinations from fresh fruit, cookie crumbs, to indulgent dark chocolate sauce, you could have a different llao llao for lunch and dinner every day for an entire year!

 Never ending array of toppings. Photo by Christen Yu
Never ending array of toppings. Photo by Christen Yu

After trying out multiple fro-yo places in Singapore including Yami Yogurt, Yoguru, and Sogurt, I can honestly say that none can compare to the the endless toppings, the quality, and the texture of llao llao’s yogurt.
To say the least, llao llao definitely gets 5/5 stars ✮✮✮✮✮

Be sure to check out llao llao’s website for more nutritional information and fascinating facts!

Author: Christen Yu

Christen Yu is a senior and one of the co-editors for the eye this year. She has been a student at Singapore American School for fourteen years, and despite having been born in Southern California, she considers Singapore her home. A few of her favorite things include wasting time and money on Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise episodes, and overusing the snapchat dog filter. She finds happiness in drinking bubble tea, and making friends laugh. She can be contacted at

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