Feel the Bern in the 2016 elections

You probably already know the leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump, because of his reality tv show and outrageous statements. And Hilary Clinton is the only female Democratic candidate.

However, there’s one candidate that’s a little more than his appearance: Bernie Sanders.

Who is Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders is a 73 year old Vermont senator and a possible candidate for the 2016 elections.

CNN reporter Jay Parini wrote for his own opinion piece, “Bernie Sanders is extremely smart and well-informed. And he doesn’t back down in a fight.”

His name pops up in the news because he is a self-declared democratic socialist. Sanders idolizes European countries – Denmark, Sweden, Norway – with social democratic and labor democratic governments. He’s an avid supporter of healthcare as a right, free college tuition, and choice for women (regarding abortion).

If elected into office, Sanders’ campaign website lists his different platforms. In addition to making healthcare a right, he also plans to

  • “demilitarize” the police force and fund body cameras on officers
  • clean up the Voting Rights Act to “protect minority voters”
  • propose that the “national minimum wage” be $15 an hour before 2020
  • sign the DREAM act, offering “permanent residency and eventual citizenship” to immigrants who were brought over as children
  • sign a Paycheck Fairness act to “end wage discrimination based on gender”
  • allow families “12 weeks of paid family and medical leave” and provide at least “10 days of paid vacation” a year

His plans may seem a little too optimistic, but Sanders has clocked in 16 years of hard work in the House of Representatives.

“As president, he would take his agenda to the country and without flinching,” Parini wrote.

At first, the idea of Sanders even being a possible democratic candidate sounded impossible. Now, he holds a high ranking for the democratic nomination.

“The problems we face did not come down from the heavens. They are made by bad human decisions. And good human decisions can change them,” said Sanders.

To learn more about him, visit the following link: https://berniesanders.com/404

Author: Nhi Le

Nhi Le – aka Nikki – joins The Eye for her third and final year as a senior. She enjoys comic books, crime novels, and an excessive use of verbal irony.

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