What have you done, AP Psych?

You did this, AP Psych

“Pleasure Reading vs. GPA,” “Hours of Sleep vs. Height,” “Number of Sports vs. GPA.” What have you done AP Psych?

Look at the puppy to the left, for instance. You’ve made him sad. He couldn’t handle the survey regarding “Height vs. Self-Esteem.”

Just look at your friends and classmates! They are suffering from the burden of these surveys, AP Pysch! *Suffering*! You have caused this.

Somewhere out there, over the rainbow, there are good e-mails. Possibly ones you’re receiving from angry far-off relatives or maybe just the ones that scream “iPhone Giveaway!”

Remember that one you got from Student Council? Yeah, that one was nice and informative. It also didn’t ask for your GPA or information about your social life.

Maybe we could have more of those? Y’know, if the world hasn’t gone completely mad. It would be a small act of kindness for the dark times we live in – the dark times of the deluge of AP Psych surveys, that is.

I have counted 55 surveys as of yet, and if that number is to pass 55, there shall be great sadness. On this fertile SAS land of concrete, and occasional Baja Fresh receipts and Subway wrappers, the cries of agony you hear now will intensify into depression and persistent sorrow.

So the surveys must end. If not for this semester, then for the next. Stop making puppies sad and burdening the SAS community. Please, AP Psych. I’m begging you.

Very sad because of AP Psych,
Matt Klauer

Author: klauer46100

Matt Klauer is a sophomore Global Section editor for The Eye. He’s originally from Jacksonville, Florida, and is an out-of-the-box thinker, an enjoyer of precious sleep, and wants to colonize Mars sometime in his life. He can be contacted at klauer46100@sas.edu.sg.

2 thoughts

  1. Students were instructed that personal face to face surveys were a better option than online. Clearly they chose the easier path. I apologise for the inconvenience.
    Not sure how pictures of sad puppies fits into this story.
    Mr. Knipmeyer


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