The HUB SG: fostering creative minds at exactly the right time

With the rise of startups and tech incubators as well as an overall push towards innovation and entrepreneurial-thinking across the region, Singapore’s very own social co-working space called “The HUB” couldn’t have come at a better time. Also known as the Singapore Impact HUB, this home-grown incubator was created to assist local entrepreneurs to pursue their business endeavors through a collaborative working environment.

But take note – if you’re not self-motivated or can’t work with others, this place is likely not for you. 

Senior Danny Hong working on his catalyst project (Photo Courtesy of Danny Hong)
Senior Danny Hong working on his catalyst project (Photo Courtesy of Danny Hong)

A semester class known as the SAS Catalyst Project allows students to explore their creative capacities through independent guided learning of a particular area of interest. Whether it be learning the basics of mixing music, designing a gym, or writing a novel, students are able to create their own unique projects with multiple school resources to aid them. The HUB is one connection that students can use to innovate.

“Besides being somewhere to get your stuff down and work, it’s also a great place to meet people. Not only do you have people who are starting up their own companies, but you have people who have had fascinating experiences at established, successful companies like the editor of Cosmo. For example, if you’re thinking of starting a blog and are trying to find someone who has had a successful blog but you can’t just meet them out in public, The HUB is a great place network, make new connections and foster lasting relationships,” said Shreya Suresh, a junior.

Service Networks logo (Photo Courtesy of Kaelan Cuozzo)
The Service Networks logo (Photo Courtesy of Kaelan Cuozzo)

For senior Kaelan Cuozzo, The HUB’s person-based network provided insight for her catalyst project – to create a global networking platform for service clubs and organizations on the basis of service – titled Service Networks. As a Global Issues Network officer, Cuozzo had the opportunity to visit the space, wanting to utilize its networking facilities as a basis for own project.

“The HUB Singapore is a home for purpose-driven people who use ventures and ideas to build a better world. They are curators of spaces, community and content for inspiration, action and collaboration. In my own words, it’s a place for people like me who want to dedicate the rest of their life to one of servitude, but they also need to eat and pay rent, so they choose the path of social entrepreneurship. As soon as you walk through the door, there is a certain vibrancy in the air – it just screams collaboration. There are people sharing about their own ventures, there are people getting coached, there are people working together, and there are people simply there to work.”

With such a vibrant offline community, Cuozzo surprisingly found that The HUB’s online presence was “like-less and comment-less,” short of many collaborative features. So in true enterprising fashion, instead of basing her project off The Hub’s content, Cuozzo decided to improve on what the site lacked.

Types of organizations that Service Networks supports (Photo Courtesy of Kaelan Cuozzo)
Types of organizations that Service Networks supports (Photo Courtesy of Kaelan Cuozzo)

Her mission is four-fold: “To increase awareness between organizations working in similar areas or providing similar type of services. To provide more effective results and increase positive impact on communities and the environment. To create simplified membership processes and fundraising mechanisms. To utilizes Facebook and Google Apps like interface for simultaneous real-time collaboration and communications.” In order for Cuozzo’s ideas to have real impact, she plans on majoring in Computer Science to complete the project.

With new innovative classes, startups and communities emerging with the purpose of developing creative minds, the one-sided view of success has diminished as students and entrepreneurs alike branch out towards greater, more creative means of accomplishment. There’s real opportunity for The HUB – and other organizations like it – to shape the endeavors of this generation.

Author: Howard Chan

Howard Chan is a Senior and the Entertainment Editor for The Eye. This is his second year as a journalist and eighth year at SAS. In his spare time, Howard enjoys singing, making videos, and going to the gym.

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