Booster Booth: where does the money go?

800 Clif Bars a month, 50 water bottles a week, 60 Snyder Pretzels a day. This is what an average spreadsheet for the Booster Booth looks like. The Booster Booth – known for their after-school snacks, pre-exam pencils, and delicious IASAS barbecues, has served alongside the SAS community for 30 years. Many students undoubtedly benefit from having this store due to its convenience, and many parents find value in the Booth as a means of giving back to the community.

But there must be more to it. The Booster isn’t there just so that they can sell notebooks and packets of goldfish, right? With hundreds of sales a day, the Booster can’t be just another lemonade stand on the corner of the street. It’s a business. And with this much revenue flowing across the counter, it’s difficult not to wonder: where does all this money go?


“I visit the Booth here and there,” said sophomore Toorno Mishra. “The last time I went was to get a few pencils before my Stats mock just recently, in fact. I know that they make a lot of money, the lines are usually long, and I see a lot of people wearing sweaters and shirts. But I’m not really sure where [the money] goes.”

Mishra isn’t the only student unaware of the Booster’s business. Many students, even the avid buyers, aren’t really sure who they’re paying and why. After all, every employee is a volunteer. This leaves the Booth with even fewer additional expenses to eat into profits.


Daniel McConaghy, senior, said, “I go quite often and my mom works at the Booster as a volunteer. But I really don’t know what they do with their money.”

The reality is that every year, the Booth garners over $500,000 worth of revenue from the students of SAS across all grade levels. And according to the Booster page, “100% of all operating profits fund student programs.” This means that all $500,000 is meant to go back towards the students. No money lands into the pockets of any employee or administrator. Rather, the profits are allocated towards athletics, visual arts, performing arts, honor scholarships, Interim scholarships, and student clubs.

“Our funds are distributed with the goal of reaching and benefiting as many high school students as possible. Booster’s earnings are used to support high school student programs and activities,” said Booster Treasurer Heide Angell.

The Booster Booth is a medium for giving back. They provide funding for many aspects of the SAS community, many of which  are behind the curtains, or unseen by the average student.

IMG_9177_largeVillage HOPE and Peace Initiative officer Andrew DuCharme said that the Booster Booster has helped him and his club numerous times throughout his years in participation. “The Booster Booth has donated funds to Village Hope to help us coordinate specific fundraising and awareness raising events such as our work with Flag Day, an event hosted by the NGO Mercy Relief. In short, the Booster Booth is very generous and support service clubs in need.”

Senior Katherine Yenko also experienced this same situation on behalf of student council. “For the past few years I’ve been on Student Council, I’ve seen the Booster fund many events, one of which being the balloon drop for graduation, which is about $2000. They’re always willing to help throughout the school year whenever possible which is fantastic for any club or student organization out there in need.”

So next time you visit the Booth to buy a pencil, you can feel even better about your purchase knowing that the funds will support students and clubs. These are truly purchases that pay it forward.

Author: Ethan Fisher

Ethan Fisher is a senior and a new addition to the The Eye staff and the morning show; however, this is his twelfth year at SAS. Outside of the classroom walls, Ethan takes pleasure in watching new films and finding new places to eat. He can be contacted at

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