Pong’s video guide to the ultimate summer full-body workout

Travelling around the globe this summer vacation? Scared of gaining a few pounds? Then you have come to the right place. We are all too familiar with the post-summer weight gain – well, most of us are. And more often than ever, we dread having to get back into our routines and shed those few pounds.

But there is a solution to this problem, and it has a name: Mrs. Pong. Pong makes the option of staying active this summer extremely easy. With her seven exercises that require no equipment, you can get a full-body workout anywhere, anytime.

A few things you should know before starting this seven minute workout:

  1. Be sure to warm up first to prepare your body for the workout.
  2. This workout can be done in seven minutes. If you have time and energy to spare, complete a second set for a 14 minute workout. A good goal by the end of the summer would be to do this workout for three rounds.
  3. Focus on your quality of movement rather than the quantity.
  4. Remember to cool down.

7-minute Total Body Workout:

Do each exercise for 45 seconds and allow for 15 seconds to transition to the next exercise.

  1. Walk out to Spiderman Push Ups

Regression: Spread legs

  1. Touchdowns

Regression: Triple-extension instead of jump

  1. Plank Taps

Regression: Spread legs

  1. Lunge Matrix

  1. Bottoms-Up Push Up to Superman

Regression: Spread legs

  1. Lateral shuffles to Squat Jumps

Regression: Triple extension instead of jump

  1. Burpees with a roll

Regression: Triple-extension instead of jump

Author: Sanya Seth

Sanya Seth is a Copy Editor of The Eye and is one of the Morning Show’s production staff. She is a senior and this is her first year as a journalism student. Besides leading a busy life with people to see and places to be, she enjoys talking, taking royal naps, and in her free time can be found sipping on coffee from her special mug. You can contact her at seth34759@sas.edu.sg.

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