Pitching Pitch Perfect 2

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.10.22 PMThe Barden Bellas sing their way back into a cappella for a whole new whirlwind of competitions. In Pitch Perfect 1, we learned that Barden Bellas are an a cappella group that strives for victory. They battle against the Treblemakers  – another Barden University singing group – at nationals in the first movie.

In the sequel, they are no longer the underdogs. The Bellas have national titles under their belt, but after a tragic wardrobe malfunction, they’re stripped of their titles and have lost all privileges as an a cappella group. They have to prove themselves at the world championship. They continually come face-to-face with their new rivals, a well-organized a cappella group from Germany called DSM. Their new rivals aren’t their only problems, though. They struggle with new experiences in their personal lives as they enter the adult world, including conflicts within the group.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.11.02 PM
Becca and Emily preforming at the world championship

Now as the leader of the Bellas, Anna Kendrick continues to be a phenomenal actress. Rebel Wilson made the audience laugh out loud because of her outgoing, confident presence. The cast stays almost the exact same with the addition of Emily (Hailee Steinfeld). Her prime ambition is to become a Bella, and she is the only new member allowed because she is a legacy. She adds a new vibe to the group and helps hold them together. Appearances are made by other famous celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, The Green Bay Packers, and the Obamas, all of whom have comedic roles.

There are laugh-out-loud jokes throughout the entire movie, though some take it a bit too far. Some of the comments made by the a cappella commentators were racist. Seeing this movie in Asia, with a cinema mostly filled with Asians was a bit awkward. The jokes were slamming everyone, so no one group was picked on. There were also sexist jokes, which elicited laughs while the racist jokes got a few gasps.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.12.32 PM
Becca and Jesse

The relationships and romances in the movie make it that much more predictable, but also cute. Becca and Jesse continue their relationship from the first movie. Fat Amy and Emily have their own love interests as well. The movie made fun of how we all love watching romances on the screen, so that added to the overall amusement.

The songs were more creative and vibrant. The many new face-to-face competitions allow all different styles and mashups. These made the movie more interesting and kept the audience on the edge. As said before, the Bellas had difficulties remembering their bond, but because of this some of the songs were more meaningful. Famous Bella songs, including “Cups” and “Party in the USA,” are sung again. Becca and Emily get together to create a whole new path for the Bellas and perform that song at the world championship. They added a personal level to a cappella that created a nice feeling.

The ending was extremely predictable, which made the movie less enjoyable. The storyline was quite similar to the first movie. The rivalries changed along with some new contests and challenges, but they started off slow and came out on top. Having said this, it was still a good, happy movie.

No matter what the scenario that causes the girls issues, they go through it together. The movie is about their friendship and how that bond takes them to the top.

This is definitely a must-see movie. It might be slightly cheesy, but it adds to the overall happy feeling you get while watching it. The jokes were more on the extreme side, but for the most part they still continued to make people laugh.


Author: Sophia Coulter

Sophia Coulter is a second year reporter for The Eye, a Morning Show producer, and a current senior. This is her eighth year at SAS, but is originally from New York City. When she isn’t studying she likes to eat food, spend time with friends and watch netflix. Sophia can be contacted at coulter34516@sas.edu.sg.

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