Snap to fame

For one day, thanks to Snapchat, the world was able to see Singapore though our eyes. Unfortunately, none of the SAS student Snapchat stories were selected for the Singapore live event, but we can still be in the spotlight. After collecting several videos and photos that students submitted to Singapore’s Snapchat event, we realized that SAS has its own unique “SAS Life.” In appreciation for this special facet of SAS, we created our own snapchat event feed:

Residents of Singapore received a notification last Monday that Singapore was going live on Snapchat. Hundreds of Singaporeans posted a Snap Story with the filter “Singapore Goes Live Tomorrow.”

Snapchat has a live feed where people in a specific location can send in pictures and videos to show the rest of the world the view; for example, people at concerts such as Coachella would submit their videos so people in other countries can see what’s happening at that location too. Team Snapchat then promotes their live feed, stating, “If you can’t make it to an event, watching Our Story makes you feel like you’re right there! It’s really easy to use.”

Snapchat is said to manually choose the videos and photos sent to them through “Our Story” and select the best ones to show the rest of the world.

All over Singapore, people took snaps of Singaporean food, people, landscapes, transportation, and even trees to represent Singapore’s most characteristic qualities. Even in SAS, students were trying to create the best snap in hopes of becoming “Snapchat famous.” Senior Yoshi Komiya was upset when he realized his story wasn’t going to make it on the Live feed: “I could’ve been famous. It was my ticket to Hollywood.”

Komiya was not the only disappointed student. Barely any SAS students had their Snap story picked up for Singapore Live. Senior Hanson Cho, along with a couple of other seniors, sent in a long and well thought-out video showing the different currencies of Singapore to Snapchat Singapore’s story, but it was not selected. Cho said, “I thought my cultural snap would definitely make the snap story. I checked all day hoping to make it, but I never did. It was quite disappointing.”

None of the other students made it to the live story except for two recognizable faces. The Schot siblings, sophomore Miranda Schot and alumni Larissa Schot, were spotted for five seconds at the Katy Perry concert later that night in the Singapore Story.

Alumni Larissa Schot said, “I thought it was pretty cool seeing myself on the Snapchat live, knowing the whole world can see it! I submitted so many photos and videos hoping to be on it! I did not realize how picky they were with what they posted. The only thing I did not like about it was they removed my video from it an hour or so after posting it. I wasn’t sure why… Seeing that there was hardly any Caucasians on the feed, I don’t think they realize that Caucasians live here too.”

For the 24 hours Singapore was live, Snapchat only selected Snapchats that showed stereotypical aspects of Singaporean culture – the jungle, the city-life, and the food. But SAS students know they have their own stories to tell, and they will undoubtedly continue to tell them – every day, in every way – via Snapchat.



Author: Hong Bin Jeong

Hong Bin Jeong is the Art and Infographics Editor for The Eye and part of the Morning Show production staff. This is her first year on staff and eleventh year in SAS. She was born in South Korea, but has lived in Singapore for almost thirteen years. In her free time, she loves to create art and try different types of ice cream. She can be contacted at

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