Bad Blood: the new Taylor Swift

My inner Swifty heart blew up yesterday.

At the Billboard Music Awards on Monday morning, country-turned-pop queen Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated Bad Blood music video, which is her fourth single from her fifth album “1989.”

Over the past two weeks, Swift has been releasing pictures on her Instagram and Twitter of her friends who are featured in the music video. Every day her followers have been checking Instagram to see who the next person in the video would be. The first person she revealed was one of her best friends and Victoria Secret supermodel Lily Aldridge. Following Aldridge were several of her BFFs, such as singer Ellie Goulding, model Karlie Kloss, rapper Kendrick Lamar, and teen sensation Selena Gomez.

Swift even had some of her idols in it, such as the beloved doctor on Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo, and the best detective on television, Mariska Hargitay, from Law and Order SVU. Swift loves these characters so much that she named her cats after them! Each person featured in the video had their own superhero name and theme.

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Watching the video, I was impressed because Swift both produced and acted in it. It was a very different take on her usually girly style videos and music. This was a full blown, action-packed video. It reminded me a lot of the Hunger Games. The song is rumored to be about the feud between Swift and fellow pop star Katy Perry, featuring a girl vs. girl catfight.

It started out with Swift and Selena Gomez as a tag team fighting their enemies. Suddenly, once all the guys are killed, Gomez blindsides Swift and pushes her out the window. The video is the training for the fight between Gomez and Swift and her girl squad, and ends with the opposing sides ready to battle.

Overall, the music video was incredibly unlike Taylor, but in the best way possible.

Author: Rosie Hogan

Rosie Hogan is a senior and one of the co editors of The Eye. Rosie has lived in Singapore for the majority of her life but goes back home to the states for her summers. When she’s not busy writing you can find her eating grilled cheese sandwiches, jamming out to Taylor Swift and watching Criminal Minds. She can be contacted at

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