Mood For Food: OverEasy

As we walked around the sweltering bay at Marina Bay Sands, we looked to find relief in OverEasy, a cute 1950’s themed burger and fries joint. OverEasy looked like a cool relief from the exhausting Singapore heat. Too bad the air con wasn’t on.

We were quickly seated and faint rock and roll music set the tone. As we waited for our food to arrive in the hot restaurant, we noticed that the restaurant was a backdrop for corporate meetings of CBD businesses, a casual setting. Looking over the single page menu featuring everything from chili cheese fries to a banana splits, we wanted to order one of everything, but we ended up narrowing it down.

We started off with an SAS classic: truffle fries. The O.E. Truffle Shoestring fries were coated with rosemary and parmesan cheese. Served piping hot in a classic red plastic bowl, the truffle shoestring fries were addictive. I couldn’t stop eating them and I didn’t want any go to waste considering they were $14. Compared to the truffle fries at PS Cafe, they were $1 more at at OverEasy and the portion was smaller, but overall they were pretty good. We agreed on a 3.5/5 rating for the fries.

Nikki took down the To Die For Burger which was loaded with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a secret burger sauce. Nikki called it an ‘all American’ burger. “I really liked the burger; however, the bun was slightly soggy and the burger was slightly salty, but still edible. I had to eat the burger without the bun.”

The burger didn’t have a particularly appetizing appearance, with its deflated-looking bun. In addition to the serving of truffle fries we ordered for an appetizer, the burger had about the same amount of fries. Nikki rated the burger a 3/5.

I dug into the good old fashioned Mac and Cheese. Served in a deep dish bowl, it had a perfect golden brown crust sprinkled with parmesan. As my spoon broke the crust and picked up the first bite of the gooey elbow pasta, I was thoroughly excited that it wasn’t the dried-out dish some restaurants try to serve. The divine dish was cooked perfectly and I couldn’t have asked for a creamier concoction. I would sincerely rate it 5/5.


Nikki and I weren’t originally going to order dessert, but once we saw the doughnut holes with homemade fudge, I knew we had to order it. I couldn’t hold my excitement once the doughnuts came to the table, and I began grabbing the round holes and dunking them into the delicious dark chocolate dipping sauce. The ball was light and fluffy and the chocolate sauce was like eating a liquid chocolate bar. We were served seven doughnuts in total, and we rated this as a 5/5.

The food was good, but it was very expensive because we ended up getting hammered with a 10% service charge and a 7% GST. We would recommend OverEasy as a place to get mac and cheese and dessert, but would not spend our money again on the salty soggy burgers.

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