Top 10 crazy things to do before you graduate

Get your grades up.








2. Hang out with admin!








3. Skip class.








4. Get detention.








5. Break dress code.








6. Break dress code, again (this time wearing flip flops!)








7. Ride the after school bus WITHOUT A SAS STUDENT CARD!!!








8. Take a selfie with Ping!








9. Wear someone else’s college sweatshirt.








10. Ride the elevator illegally.


Author: Jamila Adams

Jamila Adams is a Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Eye and part of the Morning Show crew. This is her second year as a reporter for The Eye and the Morning Show’s production staff. She is a senior this year and has been at SAS since she was in Pre-Kindergarten. Some of her hobbies include taking bubble baths, spooning her dog and eating truffle fries. She can be contacted at

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