Attention all Uber users, get ready to walk

If you are one of the students who asks your Uber driver to meet you at the bottom of the high school steps, you’re out of luck.

Starting on May 4, private cars without a Singapore American School decal will not be given entry inside our campus. This will impact users of Uber and other ride-booking services; however, regular taxis will continue to have their current level of access.

In recent months SAS has seen an increase in the number of private cars without a decal trying to gain access into our campus. Since safety is one of our main concerns, a change had to be made with the level of vehicle access to campus to ensure the security of all our students, teachers and community members.

If you are arriving in an Uber vehicle or other private vehicle without an SAS decal, or have arranged pick-up by such a service, please direct the driver to the following locations:

  • For Central Administration, MS and HS access: drivers should be directed to HDB Block 426-A, from which an SAS pedestrian gate is just steps away.
  • For ES access: drivers may stop along the side roads off Woodgrove Avenue near the pedestrian route into school. It is safest and most considerate to direct drivers to Ashwood Grove and Beechwood Grove, as they have ample space to park and are easy-to-exit loops.

Remember, a slight inconvenience to you helps ensure the safety of all.

Author: Stefan Kingsley

Stefan Kingsley is a Senior and a Reporter for The Eye. This is his first year on staff and sixth year at SAS. He is originally from Chennai, India but has lived in Singapore for the past 14 years. In his free time, Stefan enjoys playing tennis and running at the track.

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