IASAS Hall of Fame: Track and Field Athletes

The Most Intimidating


“Before every one of my races, I’m always in my mode, not joking around. I just need to get the task done.” – Aga Widjojo, JIS.

The Funniest


“I do really weird stuff, like dares. Also, I have a fascination with long hair – that’s why I’m wearing the wig.” – Kemueli Naiqama, ISM.

The Sassiest


“I don’t take anything from anyone, and if you give me something to be mad about, I’ll take it!” – Sophia Eristoff, SAS.

The Cutest


“I like running because it feels good when you stop.” – Robbie Melhorn, ISB.

The Nicest Smile


“Sometimes when I run, I’ll have song lyrics going over in my head, and then sometimes I’ll just be thinking about how exhausted I am.” Molly Bailey, ISM.

The Scariest


“It’s because of my tattoos.” – Relja Petrovic, JIS.

The Most Adorable


“I didn’t run that well today, but oh well!” – Kristina Koh, TAS

Author: Jeane Khang

Jeane Khang is a Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Eye, along with Jenna Nichols, and is a producer of the Morning Show. This is her third year taking a journalism class and her 11th year at SAS. In her free time, she loves to learn dance routines, listen to music and eat Italian food. khang18778@sas.edu.sg

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