Ultimate Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack has been one of the most played games this year, reaching the Top 10 on the iTunes apps store. We’ve all been there, tapping on that multi-colored wheel and anticipating the random trivia questions and the endorphin rush that comes when you answer correctly. Now imagine an actual, intense trivia game that brings real teams together to face off over extremely difficult questions that could determine weeks worth of careful studying.

SAS 1st place Champions! Photo by Paul Welsh.
SAS 1st place Champions! Photo by Paul Welsh.

This intense trivia competition was held a few weeks ago at SAS and welcomed teams from all around Singapore and Southeast Asia, including the Shanghai American School, Brent International School from Manila, Kuala Lumpur International from Malaysia, and the National Public School in Singapore. There were over 40 students in 10 teams from five schools here for the massive quiz tournament that lasted an entire day. The students had to quickly answer questions from academic subjects spanning science, literature, history, geography, art and music.

“The environment of the tournament was fun, but a bit tense. The stress for Team A mainly came from our match against SAS B team, the team we went up against in both a round robin and the final round,” said sophomore Arjun Joshi.

The SAS teams proved to be successful throughout the tournament. All four SAS teams were well prepared and even praised for their great sportsmanship and quiz play. After nine preliminary rounds and two playoff rounds, the final round was SAS-1 versus SAS-2. History teacher Michael Harvey recalled the match and stated, “Each question had the teams tied or with just a one-question difference. With one question to go in the match, the teams were tied. But SAS-1 pulled out the victory.”

Quiz session in H301. Photo by Paul Welsh.
Quiz session in H301. Photo by Paul Welsh.

The winning SAS team consisted of ninth grader Soumil Mukherjee, tenth grader Tanvi Dutta Gupta, tenth grader Arjun Joshi, and even included a sixth grader, Elizabeth Enright. Soumil Mukherjee came to SAS from National Public School, so he competed against some of his old classmates at the tournament. This team started working together only weeks before the final competition, showing that although they had limited time to prepare, they were able to cohesively come together and form the perfect team.

The questions asked were exceedingly challenging and required the contestants to recall facts from a wide range of subjects. Do you think you’re smarter than a sixth grader? Try the quiz below with questions straight from the actual quiz and find out!

Author: Gabriel Goh

Gabriel Goh is the Sports Editor of The Eye. This is his second year as part of the staff and his 9th year at SAS. In his free time, he likes to take pictures for GGP and go on long runs. He can be contacted at goh30415@sas.edu.sg.

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