Mood for Food: One Man Coffee

Cafe by day and pizzeria by night, One Man Coffee on Upper Thomson Road is the perfect getaway for a brunch junkie looking for a new joint. The “no frills” cafe complements its lively atmosphere with a bright yellow board that proudly displays its name and the poignant smells of brewing coffee invite you inside.

One Man Coffee sports a cosy ambience that, although not extremely spacious, includes both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating consists of more cushioned and casual seating, however those looking to enjoy their meal in the comforts of air conditioning will prefer to sit inside and avoid the great Singapore humidity.IMG_0206 copy

With no GST or service charge, One Man Coffee is a pleasantly unusual find for those who are used to doling out that extra 7% on their food bills. Their menu, which is clearly displayed on a board on top of the cashier, does not spoil one for choice, but instead offers a rather limited menu suitable for the typical indecisive customer, like me.

Upon deciding what we wanted to eat, the no frills cafe required us pay for our order at the cashier before the food is served. This self-service cafe also has customers help themselves to iced water at the counter.

IMG_0228 copy

I went for the Big Brekkie: two 6-minute eggs, honey ham, roasted cherry tomatoes, baby spinach with pesto and a slice of grilled sourdough rye and a side order of butter mushrooms with capers. My eggs were unfortunately undercooked and the bread was a little too stale for my liking, but the baby spinach pesto salad pulled through with its unique flavor, the ham was cooked to the perfect smoky taste.

IMG_0215 copy

Ragini opted for Brioche French Toast with homemade berry compote, candied walnuts and fresh cream. The berry compote can be a little sour for some people, but the toast is soaked by cream which makes it so soft and fluffy that you almost didn’t have to chew it! The crunchy sweetness of the candied walnuts complemented the airy bread extremely well.

IMG_0214 copy

Because we just couldn’t resist, Ragini and I went on to order a Salted Caramel French Toast to share, and Ragini ordered classic Mocha on the side to accompany her meal. This second french toast carried the same light and fluffy composure as Ragini’s Brioche French toast with berry compote, but with a mix of sweet banana and savory salted caramel hitting the right balance.

IMG_0237 copy

Our total meal cost merely S$41.50 for three dishes and a drink, which is extremely reasonable considering it was a meal for two. The lack of service charge was a real bonus!

IMG_0208 copy

If you are looking for a change to your usual Sunday brunch joint, One Man Coffee is definitely your next best alternative. Their irresistibly reasonable prices, homely decor and stunning food will keep you coming back for more.

One Man Coffee

Address: 215R Upper Thomson Road, 574349

Hours: 9am – 5pm

Author: Sanya Seth

Sanya Seth is a Copy Editor of The Eye and is one of the Morning Show’s production staff. She is a senior and this is her first year as a journalism student. Besides leading a busy life with people to see and places to be, she enjoys talking, taking royal naps, and in her free time can be found sipping on coffee from her special mug. You can contact her at

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