10 ways to ask someone to prom

Are you struggling to find the best way to ask your bae to prom? Here are 10 possibly successful ways to ask someone to prom:

1. Do the classic: posters and flowers.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (3)


2. Make it her magical day. Make her walk down the aisle.



3. Write her an original song and sing it to her (only if you have a good voice).

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1)


4. Surprise her – hide in her closet.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (7)

5. Pop out of nowhere. Caution: it may be creepy.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (9)

6. Deliver yourself in a box and jump out.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (2)


7. Do it the middle school style: Text her.

ezgif-58049131 (1)

8. Fool her: English presentation or Promposal?

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (4)

9. Find SAS’s matchmaker: Have Ping help you.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (6)

10. If all doesn’t work out… Just pay her to go.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (5)








Author: Hong Bin Jeong

Hong Bin Jeong is the Art and Infographics Editor for The Eye and part of the Morning Show production staff. This is her first year on staff and eleventh year in SAS. She was born in South Korea, but has lived in Singapore for almost thirteen years. In her free time, she loves to create art and try different types of ice cream. She can be contacted at jeong20091@sas.edu.sg.

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