True Life: I’m a Diet Coke Addict

Hello, My name is Rosie and I’m a Diet Cokeaholic.

Since I was young I watched my mom chug her Diet Cokes – five or six a day – and I told myself I would never be like that

Yet now, as a 16-year-old adolescent, I find that my addiction has rapidly spun out of control. This addiction must be heredity and has been passed on to me. I find myself drinking an average four to eight diet cokes a day, an unhealthy vice I can’t control.

Diet Coke. Contributed by Rosie Hogan
Photo by Rosie Hogan

A little over two weeks ago, the Catholic tradition of Lent started and all of the faithful were asked to give up something that they cherish for 40 days. My family and friends pressured me into giving up Diet Coke. It’s my 18th day without DC and I’m already going through withdrawals. I have substituted it for coffee and One Hundred Plus, but neither are satisfying my needs.

I am not the only addict among my peers. Freshman Yana Mihova said, “I used a water bottle that was basically a litre full of Diet Coke, and I’d put it in my bag at like 6 a.m. I’m dependent on it because I feel that it wakes me up, but then after an hour I feel exhausted again and I need to drink more Diet Coke.”

For some it’s an obsession, for others it’s love.

Sophomore Zach Bensaid with his Diet Coke during lunch. Contributed by Rosie Hogan
Sophomore Zach Bensaid with his Diet Coke during lunch. Photo by Rosie Hogan

Freshman Ramon Neira said, “Diet Coke is the Romeo to my Juliet.”

I decided to do some research on the drink I consume so excessively.

For starters, many nutritionists say it’s much healthier to drink a normal soda with 140 calories than the diet soda because the diet alternative uses artificial sweeteners. You would think that diet sodas would promote weight loss, but in reality research shows no effect or even weight gain.

If you really want to drink something that has zero calories, go for plain old water. Yes, Diet Coke has no calories, but you’re not putting any nutritional value into your body. If you’re craving the fizziness of your DC, try some sparkling water or just go for a normal soda.

Diet Coke ingredients. Contributed by Rosie Hogan
Diet Coke ingredients. Photo by Rosie Hogan

It is believed that excessive diet soda consuming can lead to intense migraines, which also makes lots of sense because my mom suffers from severe headaches daily from her Diet Coke intake.

Over time, diet soda will also leave you with unattractive teeth. According to a study found in General Dentistry, the tooth erosion in a frequent cocaine user and methamphetamine addict are similar to an everyday diet soda drinker.

As I went through my research, I was quite frightened of what I could potentially do to myself. I’m going to slowly rid myself of my fixation with Diet Coke. If I’m tired, I’ll drink coffee. If I’m thirsty, I’ll drink water, and if I really need a soda, I will go for the regular non-diet soda.

I’ll let you know how the next couple of weeks go without my beloved DC. While most people indulge in their vice once Lent is over, I hope these 40 days of sacrifice lead me out of the DC desert and into a new healthier alternative.

Author: Rosie Hogan

Rosie Hogan is a senior and one of the co editors of The Eye. Rosie has lived in Singapore for the majority of her life but goes back home to the states for her summers. When she’s not busy writing you can find her eating grilled cheese sandwiches, jamming out to Taylor Swift and watching Criminal Minds. She can be contacted at

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