Top 10 myths of the Media Lab

1. Everyone in the Media Lab is in some highly exclusive club.


2. No one ever gets any work done there.


3.Yearbook people never leave.


4. Media Lab-ers are always having parties.


5. Media Lab-ers are always leaving to go eat food.


6. The office is for teachers only.


7. Ms. Worley is a sweetheart (that isn’t a myth).


8. There are skeletons in the closet. (It’s just Iqbal.)


9. Someone is always burning a candle.


  1. Media Lab-ers shamelessly promote The EYE. (Also not a myth.)







Author: Emma Gammons

Emma Gammons is the Design Editor and Website Manager for the SAS Eye Online. This is her fourth year at SAS and her first year as part of The Eye staff. Outside school Emma likes making her friends guess her movie references and finding good places to eat. She can be reached at

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