IASAS Cultural Convention Recap Day 1

Dance, drama, tech, and art delegates arrived in Singapore on Wednesday afternoon for Cultural Convention 2015.

After the SAS girls’ JV dance team performed at the opening ceremony, the delegates were ready to get started.


The day began with drama workshops where delegates explored things like physical theater and learning to use their bodies to express the meaning of the words they were saying.

“It was really interactive, it was kind of a new experience,” Ibrahim Tahoun, ISKL delegate said. “We’d be pushing people around, trying to evoke emotions from people as they were saying their lines.”

This style was unusual for many of the delegates.

“It was very new for me because we did a form that I’d never done before. I think that embodies what Cultural Convention is all about; you do a bunch of things you wouldn’t have done otherwise,” SAS delegate Freddie Shanel said.

Later in the afternoon, the SAS dance and drama delegates performed their piece “Eurydice,” a combined performance that left the audience gasping and in tears.

“It’s bittersweet because I really enjoyed working with this incredible cast. It’s the product of four really hard months of work, so we’re proud of our performance but sad that it’s over,” SAS drama delegate Zelda Kimble said.

SAS drama delegate Athena Zecha reflected, “I’m glad that it’s over just because there’s no more anticipation, no more pre-show anxiety, but doing it for the last time it was a harsh reality like, ‘this is it’.”

Delegates from the other IASAS schools enjoyed a chance to be in the audience. “It was so beautiful to watch. It was like ‘don’t turn around’ but I was like ‘I would like to turn around just to watch it again,'” ISM drama delegate Raf Esguerra said about the SAS performance.

Then in the evening, ISKL drama delegates performed their show “FOUR.”

“It was great. I’m pretty sure everyone gave 110 percent. It was just a great time. In the final performance, I loved how everyone just blended together and everyone was connected at a whole other level,” Ibrahim Tahoun said.


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Dance delegates also attended a workshop in the gym, developing their techniques in broadway jazz.

“It was a very rare opportunity for me because I don’t do broadway jazz at school” JIS dancer Nadira Zahiruddin said.

“And your gym is really big to go back and forth across so it was really tiring but it all went by really fast,” TAS dancer Jonathan Kao added with a smile.

The SAS dancers considered their showing of “Eurydice” as their best performance yet.

“Even during our school preview we were really excited and happy with our performance, but I think that for the IASAS performance we really stepped up our game.” SAS dancer Arushi Suri said.

“It was definitely because the other schools were here and they brought such good and supportive energy to cheer us on, and it fueled us to push even harder in our performance,” SAS dancer Ella Cheng-Bradshaw added.

ISM was the first performance of the evening.

The ISM drama team commented on their dance team’s performance: “They were a lot more expressive with their movements and everything was just a lot cleaner and a lot more together. We saw their preview at school, and we could tell they really put it all out there for the show.”

JIS finished off the night with their piece “On the Take”.

“The theme was corruption, and we started with the idea of manipulation. For the show, we tied it together with the Neil and Ferdi case. I’m so shocked still how everyone was so supportive, we heard the audience crying and we were also crying,” dancer Nadira Zahiruddin explained.

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The artists spent the morning hanging up the show, preparing for the opening later in the evening.

After lunch, the delegates attended workshops where they got to work with Artura Correa, an artist from Venezuela.

“You can’t really tell people how to do art so he was just giving us very inspirational messages as to how we could approach things and encouraging us to try new things,” SAS art delegate, Naomi Stock, explained.

“We just had three hours to do whatever we wanted to tell a story. I was doing sculpture this whole time before I came here and I really want to get back into 2D so the workshop was just a lot of time to play with that. It’s really been a lot of fun for me,” ISB art delegate Marsh Neimeijer said.

At 5:30, the art show opened and all drama, dance, tech, and art delegates attended. Each piece of work had a QR code which could be scanned to take spectators to the artist’s bio as well allow them to directly leave comments for the artist.

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The tech crews spent the entire day programming the performances from other schools and helping out at the dance and drama rehearsals.

“Sometimes people don’t like working in the tech crew because it’s too stressful, but I just love being in those high stress situations, working together with people, and putting out an end goal. It’s so powerful to me,” JIS tech delegate Isabel Kenney said.

“There’s something so different about looking at it from a backstage perspective than from an audiences perspective. Like to the audience you think that the whole show went by without a hitch, but for us we get to see all the freak outs backstage, it’s really interesting,” Isabel’s teammate Bianca Racela said.

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To see more about the drama workshop, check out this video: https://saseye.com/2015/03/06/iasas-actors-unleash-their-talents-at-the-drama-workshop/

To see more about the dance workshop, check out this video: https://saseye.com/2015/03/05/iasas-workshop-dance/

Check out our flickr stream for updated photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/130845477@N05/

Check out the live stream to see what’s going on: http://thecube.com/embed/473627

Author: Hanna Chuang

Hanna Chuang is a junior and the Singapore Section Editor. Although she’s been at SAS since kindergarten, this is her first year as a member of The Eye staff. In her time outside of school, Hanna enjoys swimming, listening to music, and blowing bubbles. She can be contacted at chuang18913@sas.edu.sg.

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