The Projector transforms the movie experience in Singapore

When I walked up to the fifth floor of Golden Mile Tower on 6001 Beach Road, I saw a welcoming sunlit foyer with panoramic windows and a small cinema café. Here it was, The Projector, a new independent cinema that promised its visitors a truly hipster movie experience.

Photo contributed by Pieter van Goethem
Photo contributed by Pieter van Goethem

I was lucky to meet The Projector’s manager, Sharon Tan, who told me about the concept behind creating this grandiose project.

“The idea was born out of our love for old, undiscovered spaces, coupled with our desire for an alternative venue in Singapore that would bring people together for great films, unique experiences, creative vibes and good fun. Tired of hearing ourselves and others moan about the film and entertainment offerings on our shores, we felt that with the right team and the right space, we stood a good chance at creating one!” Tan said.

So what exactly makes The Projector unique?

The Projector consists of two movie halls, Green Room and Redrum (that’s right, just like in Kubrick’s “The Shining”). While the Green Room is used just for films, the Redrum also serves as a space for events, private screenings, and so-called “experience.” In addition to cinema seats, there are tables and cushions in the Pit, as well as a small stage. The Redrum is available for rental if you want to host a private party or organize a large-scale performance.

It’s a self-funded project. Sharon Karen & Blaise are a group of friends who transform overlooked spaces into relevant concepts to bring them back to life. What does this mean for you? Although sometimes there is no set ticket price for films shown in the Redrum, you can donate however much you wish. Generous donations are encouraged because the founders want to make this cinema a better, more unique place. As for Green Room showings and some Redrum events, you can find prices on The Projector’s website or Facebook page

Hipsters, rejoice! The Projector redefines today’s commercialized cinema experience by showing foreign, indie, and alternative films so you won’t see any mainstream movies here.

Photo contributed by Philipp Aldrup
Photo contributed by Philipp Aldrup
Photo contributed by Philipp Aldrup
Photo contributed by Philipp Aldrup
Photo contributed by Philipp Aldrup
Photo contributed by Philipp Aldrup

There is no more need to find a place to get coffee before going to the movies. The Projector’s partners, Group Therapy, welcomes everyone to the foyer café. Here you can find a variety of quality coffee as well as some baked goods and popcorn to munch on. They also sell ice cream by the jar. How cool is that?


photo (1)

“My favorite thing about this project is getting to meet a lot of people who are quietly passionate about film. Because you don’t see them often, you think that they don’t exist. Apparently, they do,” Sharon said.

The Projector

Address: #05-00, Golden Mile Tower, 6001 Beach Road, Singapore 199589

Hours: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Author: Anna Sorokina

Anna Sorokina is a first-year reporter on the Eye. Originally from Russia, this senior enjoys writing poetry, reading novels, and cooking.

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