Revealing our principals’ high school identities

Ever imagine what our administration team is like outside of school? Beyond the dress code policies, grading system changes, and free period detentions, we uncover something that is dear to the hearts of our high school administrators: their high school experience.

Beginning with Dr. Darin Fahrney, we set out to discover what SAS students believed the “high-school-Fahrney” was like. What were his hobbies? Did he play sports? Was he the jock or the bookworm? With the thoughts and opinions of many, we created our version of “high-school-Fahrney.”

High-school-Fahrney “was a theater person,” some said, and he “acted in a lot of plays.” Others imagined Fahrney as the “all-American guy next door” – defined as the sweet, charming, cute guy, although he doesn’t seem to know it. Perhaps, some speculated, he was a nerd?

On the other end of the spectrum, some believe he was a football player, but still a “pretty smart guy.” Another student humorously added, “Actually, I think he was one of those rebellious kids. He definitely didn’t do his homework.”

The speculations were never-ending, but there was only one person who could provide us with the answers: Fahrney himself. After hearing the predictions of his high school self, Fahrney said, “There were times where I was every single one of those things, except for a theater person. I was the prom king, captain of the football team… I was also the geek, and I tried hard in the classes I liked.”

When asked what clubs or societies he was a part of, Fahrney revealed that he was a member of “FFA, the Future Farmers of America.” For those of you who, like me, do not know what the FFA is, it is an American youth organization. More specifically, it is a career and technical student organization for, as the name implies, future farmers. Fahrney, however, insisted it was the “hippest club to be in.” That may have been true in Wisconsin, where he grew up.  Some of his hobbies included camping and fishing – he was really the outdoorsy kind of guy!

Fun fact: Dr. Fahrney’s career inventory survey revealed that his interests lie in the studies of natural resources, sciences, and leadership. And look at him now – leading our school. It’s true that students are the most valuable natural resources on the planet.

If you just can’t get enough of high-school-Fahrney, take a look at the classic photos below.

fahrney 5fahrney 2


fahrney 4

fahrney 1

Once we got high-school-Fahrney speculations on a roll, students couldn’t help but take a stab at high-school-Neihart. Mr. Neihart was really nice and well-liked, some said. Others argued that he was artistic, and some went so far as to conclude that Neihart “must have been a hippie.”

A group of students humorously added that high-school-Neihart was “so chill” and was “the cool dude with the leather jacket.” Perhaps, as one student believed, he was a rocker, “I mean, you know, take a look at his hair right now!”

In fact, Mr. Neihart was none of these things – except for well-liked. High-school-Neihart was in National Honor Society and was also on Student Council. He revealed that he played football, basketball, and ran track, and was co-captain of both the football and basketball teams.

The hardworking Neihart graduated in the Top 5 of his class among 165 other students. This is not surprising, considering that he was interested in all of his classes, “no matter the subject.” Unfortunately, however, Neihart’s high school did not have any AP courses. “Can you imagine… No AP Courses!” he exclaimed.

Our attempts to reveal photos of high-school-Neihart were not successful. He apologized, “Sorry, no photos from high school. We didn’t have handphones or computers back then.” Guess we’ll have to stick to a fun fact.

Fun fact: The bus drivers at Neihart’s high school in Wyoming were high school juniors and seniors who were members of the FFA (Future Farmers of America). Remember that Fahrney was a member of FFA as well! Can anyone say, “meant to be”?

Author: Sanya Seth

Sanya Seth is a Copy Editor of The Eye and is one of the Morning Show’s production staff. She is a senior and this is her first year as a journalism student. Besides leading a busy life with people to see and places to be, she enjoys talking, taking royal naps, and in her free time can be found sipping on coffee from her special mug. You can contact her at

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