Behind the Scenes at The Nutcracker

As the curtains rise, the audience’s applause echoes through the auditorium, spreading the excitement and anticipation for  the familiar characters to make their appearance. Seeing the little snowmen sitting on stage, the wrapped decorations surrounding the perimeters of the auditorium, hearing “All I want for Christmas is You” – you can’t help but feel the joys of the holiday.

But few people know the amount of preparation that went into the dreamlike dances of this year’s performance of The Nutcracker.


The month of November was full of rehearsals for the dancers and backstage production for the techies. Performers started learning these dances at the beginning of the year – three months of practice finally culminating in the holiday performance.

Dancers listening to Mrs. Van Der Linden and Mrs. Rodocker’s notes
Rehearsing the day before showing

For three days, from Dec. 4-6, performers ran around backstage getting makeup done with the help of Makeup Club and frantically making quick costume changes while the techies ran lights, curtains, and music.

Take a rare behind-the-scenes look at the preparation for this year’s Display Performance’s version of The Nutcracker.

DSC_0224 DSC_0243 DSC_0264

Our high school display performance choreographers (DP) had to make the production spectacular since the whole show comprised their summative grade. They put all their faith in the dancers, knowing they could make their choreography come to life. 

Senior Colton West waits behind the Christmas tree for his big reveal as the Nutcracker soldier
Senior Fleur Oostwal as Clara with the HS mouses
Moeka Minami, a sophomore in DP

Since there were more than 300 performers – including kids from ECC all the way up to the high schoolers – it’s a challenge to take care of them all together. Many of the parents and even high schoolers supervised and entertained the younger ones who were waiting for their turn on stage.

Little fairies getting their makeup ready
A snowflake excited for the show to begin
The boys playing foosball while waiting to dance
Middle schoolers writing thank you posters before the show

The tech crew started production later during tech week, but their work was no less challenging or important. Since the beginning of November, the techies have been managing backstage, preparing props, and working lights. Without the help of these techies, there would not be a show.

Techie Idil Evren immersed in her work
Mrs. Silverman watching over the production backstage 
A techie’s view

The Makeup Club performed tedious jobs of powdering, lining, and shimmering each and every performer, giving those dancers that extra glow on stage.

President of Makeup Club, Ye Jin Jeon, helping with eyeliner



The curtains reel to a close, the lights fade out, and the stage is finally cleared. As the production ends, the cheers subside but the joy of the holidays to remain.



Author: Bea Basilio

Bea Basilio is a junior and a new addition of The Eye staff this year. Originally from the Philippines, it’s her sixth year here at SAS. In her spare time, she loves to make art, watch movies, and hang out with friends. She can be contacted at

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  1. We have an awesome team to put together a production like The Nutcracker. This is something that we can all be very proud to be part of this production.


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