Dunks and dives: Exchange highlights

Spirit posters, team cheers, and Eagle pride everywhere mean that we are well into the second season. With the swim meet in Singapore two weekends ago and the basketball tournament in Hong Kong just this past weekend, we’ve finally rounded up the last of Exchange 2014, and as usual, our Eagles have made us proud.

Swim Exchange

Junior Kevin Clydesdale swimming the 100 Butterfly. Photo by Amy Chou.

This year the competition included not only the IASAS Schools (with the exception of TAS), but both UWCSEA campuses as well. The team has proven to be well on their way to breaking more school records and some IASAS records as well.

The meet was spread over the course of two days and gave the swimmers plenty of time to prepare for their races and also get to know the swimmers from other schools. “It was a really good chance to size up the competition. I’m looking forward to being able to compete with all the guys I met from exchange and hopefully race them at IASAS,” said sophomore Vincent Liu.

As the 200 Fly is not offered as an event at IASAS, sophomore Hadley Cheng-Ackerman took this opportunity to swim one of her best events and ended up breaking the school record with a new time of: 2:26.03.

“I had no idea that I’d broken the record because I had to swim it with all the freestylers,” she said. “I was really nervous because I knew it was my only chance to break the record this season, so I was really happy when I saw my time.”

Team Captains Kenny Liu and Frankie Hearne and Sophomore  Liam Blaire cheer for fellow Eagles. Photo by Amy Chou.
Team captains Kenny Liu and Frankie Hearne and sophomore Liam Blaire cheer for fellow Eagles. Photo by Amy Chou.

Later in the day, the 4 x 100 freestyle relay team including juniors Kaitlyn Ritchey, Serra Erdamar, Caitlin Loi, and freshman Sydney Brown, broke the school record (which was also the standing IASAS record) with a new time of 4:00.68. They hope to break 4:00.00 at IASAS later this season.

Team captain, senior Kenny Liu reflected, “It was really awesome to see the team spirit and the team come together during the final 400 medley relay. Everyone was on deck cheering for the team.” He later added, “I think exchange was a really good indicator of what the Eagles will be able to do at IASAS this year.”

Basketball Exchange

Just this past weekend, the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams once again spent their Thanksgiving weekend in Hong Kong to participate in exchange.

After playing 7-8 games, both teams finished off victorious, with the boys winning gold in the championship and the girls losing only to Heep Yun, the Hong Kong Sports School B team.

The SAS Eagles Varsity Basketball Girls Team. Photo by Robin Smith.
The SAS Eagles varsity basketball girls’ team. Photo by Robin Smith.

After losing to ASIJ (American School in Japan) in the round robin, the girls team had a second chance to play them in the semi-final. Although they were down by 10 points at the beginning of the 4th quarter, the girls pulled through and beat them with a score of 40-38.

Team captain Tess Nelligan said the most exhilarating moment was “definitely Izzie Riant’s layup. We were playing the best team, and she dribbled all the way from one side of the court to the other and put the ball in.”

Boys’ captain Rohan Singh said, “We didn’t do so well last year. Coming back this year with few returning players and a new set of coaches meant that all the other schools thought of us as an easy target this year as well. So I guess the highlight was showing them all up and taking home the championship.”

There were many tight games against HKIS during the round robin, Saint Mary’s, and HKIS again in the finals going into overtime. After losing to HKIS by one point in double overtime during the round robin, SAS boys took the gold in the championship.

Junior Jack Denzel shoots. Photo by Robin Smith.
Junior Jack Denzel shoots for a basket. Photo by Robin Smith.

“Like I said, we were somewhat underdogs going into the tournament, a feeling that SAS kids aren’t usually familiar with,” Singh continued. “We were able to tough it out and win some crazy back and forth games, and I’m very proud of the guys I’m fortunate enough to be on this team with.”

Author: Hanna Chuang

Hanna Chuang is a junior and the Singapore Section Editor. Although she’s been at SAS since kindergarten, this is her first year as a member of The Eye staff. In her time outside of school, Hanna enjoys swimming, listening to music, and blowing bubbles. She can be contacted at chuang18913@sas.edu.sg.

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