Students beware of WireLurker

On Nov. 5, 2014, Palo Alto Networks released a research paper on WireLurker, malware attacking Mac OS and IOS. This attack has been active for at least six months, and the attack widely resembles a computer virus.

After the warning came out, an even worse bug flew in. FireEye security firm calls it “Masque Attack.”

This virus gets into Apple products when the user downloads suspicious third-party apps (apps not from the App store or from big names like Google Play); it can also occur when an Apple device is connected to a untrustworthy computer. Hackers will use these third-party apps and create fake imitations as a way for users to pawn off personal information.

The bug affects anyone with iOS 7.1.1, 7.1.2, 8.0, 8.1, and 8.1.1 beta.

Screenshot of ‘Untrusted App Developer’. Be aware of these warnings.

Apple has recently developed a way to squish this bug, but there are some ways WireLurker and Masque Attack can be avoided for the future.

Tech Times journalist Aaron Mamlit advises users to avoid installing third-party apps, no matter how cheap or attractive the app is. Users should also pay attention to pop-ups warning about an “untrusted app developer” and deleting the app.

Author: Nhi Le

Nhi Le – aka Nikki – joins The Eye for her third and final year as a senior. She enjoys comic books, crime novels, and an excessive use of verbal irony.

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