Ten steps to escape the friendzone

Have you ever been friendzoned? Are you in the friendzone currently? These ten easy steps can guarantee escaping the friend zone.

1.Take your special someone to Europe:

Pull an Augustus Waters and use a dying wish to pay for an extravagant vacay to Europe. They will be astounded and flattered that you paid for their trip (it may even bring out the gold-digger side in them). There you will dazzle and charm them with romantic meals and monuments. In this romantic setting, how could they resist you?

2.Text them 24/7:

Make sure to tell them everything that you’re doing all the time. Going to the bathroom? Tell them that! Just got five stamps on your Baja Fresh card? Text it! If they don’t reply to your texts, make sure to follow up on Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and if you’re feeling extra needy, a Twitter DM.


3.Give a nickname:

Remember to give them a nickname like bro or sissy. Nicknames referring to family members are super romantic.


4. Always be a shoulder to cry on:

Listen to their every problem about other boys/girls. People always find themselves attracted to the best friend who’s always there in the end.


5. Flirt with other people:

Making them jealous is the key to getting them to fall for you. Always make sure to hug other boys/girls around your person of interest and talk about how hot other people are.


6. Invite them to non-romantic outings:

Need to go take out the trash or get your wisdom teeth pulled out? Bring them along!



7. Be sloppy:

Drake had once said he preferred girls when they have their “hair tied, sweatpants, chillin’ with no makeup on.” Take Drake’s advice and never do anything to make yourself even look somewhat presentable. Take every opportunity you get to burp and fart.

8. Make yourself as easily available as possible:

Every time they ask you to hang out, rsvp almost immediately – especially when they need a wingman/wingwoman. Helping them get with other people will instantly show them that you are more relationship material than friendship material for sure.


9. Always hang out with a group:

Group hangouts are always so much more romantic and intimate. Always make sure there are other people around, it will help evoke thoughts of possibilities between you and your significant other. Also, make sure the other people you invite are hot.


10. Don’t tell them you like them:

Lastly, but certainly not least, DO NOT tell them you like them. If they are given any signal or sign that they might be interested too, make sure to avoid the signs and talk about how much of a bro they are.


Author: Jamila Adams

Jamila Adams is a Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Eye and part of the Morning Show crew. This is her second year as a reporter for The Eye and the Morning Show’s production staff. She is a senior this year and has been at SAS since she was in Pre-Kindergarten. Some of her hobbies include taking bubble baths, spooning her dog and eating truffle fries. She can be contacted at adams17587@sas.edu.sg

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